We’re PGWizard and PGSurtr from the Dragons QA Team - Ask Us Anything!


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It is always a challenge trying to balance speed of releases with stability. If I got my way, we’d be able to spend a lot more time on testing and bugfixing before releases. That said, bugs definitely do slip through the cracks; it’s a reality of software development. The more complex the game is and the more systems we have interacting with each other, the more fragile the game can be. We are always looking to reduce the issues that do make it out! I know that right now, the events and seasons team is working on a code refactor that should improve stability, and I’m exploring new testing approaches, so that we test features in context, as opposed to each on its own.


Hey guys! Thanks for doing this.

Here’s a QA question. Do you guys play the game and do you think that helps or hurts your QA work? What level are you or do you play a God account with unlimited everything?


When testing event mechanics do you try it on a variety of different devices or just particular operating systems? It seems that not all bugs happen with all Apple or with all Android.


A lot of them come to us via @Arelyna and @DragonPunch. We also get visibility on issues for which multiple support tickets are filed.

Prioritization is generally a less complex process for Events and Seasons than for our new features team; for the most part we have the bandwidth to fix anything that impacts a significant number of players, though on occasion an issue can be sufficiently complex (and even if the problem is easy to understand, the underlying cause may be much less simple) that that fix might take some time, or go through multiple iterations before we hit upon a fix that works (or works for everyone).

As a rule of thumb, though, priority is typically assigned based on how many players are impacted and the severity of that impact.


What types of things can each of you do in your respective areas to win back player trust and start to foster a productive relationship with the community? And do you feel that rebuilding those bridges should take precedence over revenue gains?


Beyond just coding bugs @PGwizard have you ever taken into an account the potential flaw in an entire system? Rather than looking at things on such a granular level, consider that no matter how much you fix the code, if the system as a whole is faulty, it is still going to be broken?

What about the human element? Are you at all responsible for the QA side of making sure there is any customer satisfaction? Or as long as the code is working, it passes?

What about the numerous and easy exploits? None of the values are ever encrypted, there are no realistic thresholds, no basic integrity checks of values in the data processed between the client and the server or EVER after any battle is run. Is that also part of QA?


Sooooo what are the plans for the 300 wall? As asked above do ANY of you actually play at that level so you can actually feel our frustration?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


We try to test our events on a variety of different iOS and Android devices, though naturally with so many different devices on the market there’s no way we can test them all. We do have access to most of the common (and several less common) phone and tablet models, though, to look at issues that might be device-specific.


I think everyone on the QA team plays the game to some extent, but I’m far from a pro myself. In my real game, I’m only in Platinum IV. We do have a separate test server where we can use dev cheats to level up, unlock dragons, etc, so even though I’m far from Vanguard tier, I’ve had an opportunity to try flying the new dragons.


Is there any word on fixing the chest bug during events? I ran afoul of it myself earlier today.



How did inheriting this game from another dev company instead of developing in house affect the stability of the game? It seems a lot of bugs are deep within the game itself.


And I’ll chime in here to say that this is how we’re able to show off any new Dragons, towers, riders, etc. on our weekly livestreams before they make their way to the main game! Wizard’s been directly responsible for helping Arelyna and I get this set up for the community streams, and we thank him for it. :sparkling_heart:


Are you aware that Inner Fire’s don’t always heal our dragons?

Edit: Dragons that didn’t take any damage.


when are you guy plan patch the cheat?