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Do you guys use a system like Agile/Kanban/waterfall to plan out sprints?

When you test new features how do you decide how much testing is sufficient?

Compared to other QA jobs you have potentially had, how similar is PG?

I get the feeling PG is much more targeted and willing to take risks in favor of faster movement. Do you guys feel the pace may be a little fast sometimes?


Which one?


Is the game’s on-device data or update process particularly fragile? There are a lot of bugs after update or apparent (device or account?) state changes like: monuments giving non-event drops during an event. Egg missions changing the number of tokens they reward at the wrong time. And then graphics getting corrupted: snowflakes on lightning towers, Leo’s pointy shield, a texture missing from the floor of the training den.

Often the suggestion is a hard reset and a reinstall, but the game is big and that’s an annoying process to go through regularly. Are you able to reproduce these scenarios and identify underlying issues?

Edit: I’d class rollbacks with these bad state things maybe. Not big ones, but the thing where you come back to the game and most of what you did for the last N minutes never happened. Roster changes not saved. Egg missions not completed, XP runs not done. Sometimes the egg missions are different too. It’s utterly maddening.


When you’re releasing new updates, why don’t you shut down the game and do a dev stream during downtime? To ensure everything is working before release? Other games do this, why not War Dragons?


@PGSurtr @PGwizard what happen to testing daily log in reward and leveling reward.


This is the sort of issue I alluded to earlier where the underlying cause is considerably more complex than it might appear on the surface. Suffice it to say that we’ve implemented some adjustments that reduced the number of players impacted, and while we continue to work on a more universal fix, I can’t give any specifics at the moment.


Good questions. Ensuring overall feature quality is an oft overlooked part of QA. There have been features in the past that we had to push back on heavily, and I’d like to see the team continue to iterate on older features that could still use some balancing and attention.

As far as the human element, we work closely with @Arelyna and @DragonPunch, who pass on reports from players, and keep us informed on what needs addressing most urgently.

We are always working on squashing exploits, but I don’t have any specific details to share at the moment.


Who discovered that the coding for Assault was inadequate and subsequently can never be run again?
Is it possible for the QA team to dive into this event coding and try to fix the problem?


Great! This is very helpful indeed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Please read this post …

Are you aware of the hacking information @Prometheus passed onto PG? If yes, what is being done about it? Is it on a team’s work list and what is the priority? Thank you! :rose:



Seems that Monument runes have never been updated, and it clutters (basically) half of silver chest rune drop.

Any review on that?


what about castix give you guy the cheat file and it still didnt get patch.


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Have you done any testing of the sync issues with the game? My game just de synced yet again and I lost my progress. What level of crashes per hour do you think is acceptable?


Unfortunately, our oldest events (including Assault) were coded in such a way that, as War Dragons evolved, they have become incompatible with the current version of the game. The amount of work it would take our engineers to update these events to bring them in line with the current game is actually more than creating a new event from scratch.


Is this something that came about with the new UI, the android base update, or something else?


In Atlas, after you hit the mine, it often (1 in 4) shows your gold balance as double what it should be, and when you attempt to purchase troops you get the error “Not Enough Resources”. The only way to clear the bug is to hard quit the game.

Can you fix this?


I’m unable to give any specifics, but I can say that we are aware of this and it is something we are actively working on.


Is the egg token glitch completely fixed or are you still getting trickles of reports showing that there are problems still?


Okay…so couldnt you just make a new event that is very similar to assault then?