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Yeah, in addition to QA, I also serve as scrum master. We’ve only transitioned from waterfall to “more formal” scrum in the past 6 months, so we are still iterating on our processes, but I’m already feeling good about the changes we’ve seen in productivity.
Regarding how much testing is “enough,” I mean, the ideal answer is that you’re never done testing. Even once you release a feature, you should continue to test it alongside the new features that are released. Testing resources are sadly limited, though, so we prioritize testing the most critical functionality first, then interactions with other potential areas of risk.
Before working at PG, I hadn’t done any mobile testing, only console and PC. When releasing on consoles, where you can’t rely on users to update, you get one chance to get it right. There may be months between content complete and the actual submission to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo (that said, this is probably less true than it was 5+ years ago. Every game seems to have a massive day-one patch these days).
On mobile, the turnaround time is much quicker. If a critical issue makes it out, we can submit to Apple and release a hotfix the next day, but it comes with less time dedicated to testing and bug fixing.


Can you fix the cloak glitch?


How can we help you push back on all new features to give you the time and ability to review old issues? We don’t want shiny new features when the game is struggling more with each update. Players are hemorrhaging from the game because of crashes, the garnet and 300 wall, complete lack of support from ZenDesk when reporting bugs, etc. For example, I have to battle zendesk literally every time there was an issue, and would only get a fix sometimes after asking it to be elevated. I stopped reporting bugs altogether. We’d be happy to help you push back against your bosses if there was a way. I’m sure they’re already losing revenue as players are quitting, so perhaps something else as direct?


I see there going to be super sigil chests? A lot of people Ben mad and quit the game if pg take those from us.


Any chance to fix Atlas gold rounding error?


Are you planning to fix the issue where a player can display resources available for raiding that cannot actually be raided?

Protected resources should not show up as potential loot from a raid.


Through time we heard many times about issues related to the old code. Is this refractor mentioned to remove old code therefore being able to fix some very long standing glitches?

Second, in terms of glitches and weird interaction, do you see more issues in one platform than in the other, or the issues are more related to the code regardless of the platform? (iOS vs Android)


Code refactors in general are a way to replace older code that may not have been written with the full or evolving scope of the game in mind, and does typically help to fix some legacy bugs that are the result of that old code.

As far as platform-specific issues go, most of the bugs we find occur on both iOS and Android. I would say there are probably more Android-specific issues than iOS-specific issues, though that’s primarily because there’s a much wider variety of Android devices; most of them aren’t really Android-specific so much as, say, Samsung-specific or Motorola-specific.


I know it can be a pain to deal with ZenDesk, but logging issues with them is helpful from our perspective. Seeing a lot of reports of the same issue can certainly get the wheels spinning. Also, having a PGID associated with the ticket helps us view the game state on the server to help us debug or try to reproduce the issue. That said, if you aren’t getting a great response from Zendesk, ping @Arelyna and @DragonPunch so they can escalate it.


What does pg plan on doing about the horrific help with in game issues and the people who handle it with no knowledge of game play.I’m still waiting on a answer from a issue from the breeding event the people


The biggest frustration is automated responses that have nothing to do with the ticket that was entered.


Could we bribe you to replicate this incompatible code and inject it into Kingdom Wars?


Is there ever gonna be a chance to get stones for seasonal dragons that you never got or a way to get them so there not stuck on a certain tier


This is more of a PX thing, and something I know they’ve been working on in the recent past. If you receive a response to a totally different question, feel free to ping @Arelyna or @DragonPunch about it so they are aware. :slight_smile:


But seriously, how is the code from an event that ran no more than a year ago a hopeless mess, considering the guts of it are present in the current event? Why isn’t the code from the event with Gustav island unusable? It’s been around forever too.


Are there new PvP events in the testing phase that we could see in game soon? I know you can’t give specifics but it is always nice to look forward to new things.


So when will i be able to purchase these special packs you have allowed others to purchase?

Why is my US 100.00 not as equal as other people same US 100.00 ?

Are you responsible for the recent terrible decsions being made ? If so what are you doing to reimburse your player base and rectify the sitiation so more of the player base doesnt leave ?
If you are not responsible, where are the people responsible and why are they not here explaining what is going to be done moving forward ?

I havent seen barely anything useful other than a EXCUSE for everything !!


@PGSurtr I notice that you take your name from the burning giant from Norse mythology who sets fire to the universe and makes all the bright spirits of heaven and earth burn like torches. Do you feel this is an accurate metaphor for anything currently going on with the playerbase?


Yeah, issues on upgrading have been around for a while, although they are difficult to consistently reproduce. Plus the response that we’ve received from product managers is that since it generally only happens on first launch, and that hard quitting or reinstalling fixes it, it’s not a very high priority issue. I’ll push for it during our next planning meeting, and see if we can spend some more time investigating it.


Where is it on the priority list? For example, top, very high, high, … very low?