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Can u say anything about the upcoming winter season. Like anything big or small, or even a little puzzle for us to figure out😂.

Anyways I have a few other question but they might be out of your wheelhouse so do the best you can or feel free not answer.

Will the price for seasonal dragons change?

Will some prizes have an increased payout? For example elemental embers since there such a shortage.

What’s your favourite dragon aesthetically to fly? And what’s your favourite dragon mechanically to fly?


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I can say only that I’ve seen the new winter dragons, and they are awesome!

On my personal account the dragons I use most frequently are Hydron, Cavaleris, Somnus, and Luminark. I’m definitely a big fan of Somnus from an aesthetics standpoint, too.


@Tinsir I can’t even describe how amazing you are. :rofl:


Is there a fix in the works for seeing what players are online? That has been a major frustration for in game planning during this event.


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Special pack, leveling reward and daily log in reward. what happen. i want to know


It was a stated fact seeing how you have deflected most real questions, but by all means go ahead and keep blocking.
You hurt me none and only hurt yourself!!


Few questions which related to events little bit

  1. Is it possible to go back to previous mode,where event Mythic dragons will be higher stats in EVERY evolution tier(so ppl will actually get what they payed/grind)
    Also will be great to get portrait for Mythic dragon(maybe even choose between male/female)

  2. Will we see event alike old one,called Olympic (Fort/Feed/Breed/PvP) as an example
    It will help ppl who don’t have anything to breed(have all dragons) or don’t have anything to build(base already great,no need to overlvl Base just for points)

  3. Can we have stable events calendar please?
    Somehow confirmed one?:see_no_evil: RN it’s a mess


We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. It won’t make it in time for 4.92, but it should be in the following release.


Is there ever gonna be a fix for when you pick a base to hit and the dragons freeze where u can’t pick a dragon and you have to restart and hope it works


@PGCrisis I can understand the 300 wall and other issues not being applicable to this AMA, but surtr literally said packs are in their wheelhouse? Not sure how this is an off topic question. But I guess I don’t need to bother sticking around since that was one of my main questions. How “special packs” are decided, how they are tested on allegedly A/B testing, etc. How hard would it be to push out to everyone the same packs…

Guess that’s off topic though…


I can’t speak for everyone but in general players are frustrated.

Having to constantly restart or reinstall the game after every update. (Sometimes multiple times)

Dragons not working like they should. (Cloak glitch and personally Prospero glitch)

Not being able to see which teammates are online.

Not being able to claim event rewards or event quests.

I know I missed several but these are the ones off the top of my head. Is there any end to these problems or is the list just going to keep getting longer?


I got another one. What about our horrible chest drops, both drop rate when attacking and what you get when open them?


While I understand your frustration about drop rates, I’m afraid that QA does not control those.


Ok, thanks!


Not really a question, but a comment as time is winding down now.

People get hot under the collar over this game because they love it. It’s unique in the mobile gaming world, and I personally have made some great friends through the platform. This has been a rough couple of months for large swaths of the player base. Thank you for agreeing to do the AMA and opening a dialogue with us, even in a limited capacity.


Temple raid has 5 islands plus center is there a way you can make it so officer and or captain can block beat islands or mark an island as beaten? We had a big issue with members hitting islands that are beat.


Thanks for doing this. I hope you both got something from the experience.