We’re PGWizard and PGSurtr from the Dragons QA Team - Ask Us Anything!


It’s been my pleasure! I’m still relatively new to Pocket Gems, but even in my short time here I have been quite happy to see how passionate our playerbase is for this game.


I know that you’ll be seeing fixes for some of these soon, but to address the more general question, we are working on addressing bug turnaround time. I know that it’s super frustrating to see months go by without issues getting fixed, and I can relate. We’re trying a few things to improve turnaround time. First, we want to create new fields on our tickets to surface the amount of reports. It’s harder for developers to ignore an issue when they see how many users are being impacted. Second, we want to get QA more involved in setting ticket priorities. Currently, priorities are mostly set by product managers, so there’s not necessarily anyone in the room championing for bugs fixing. Some teams do a better job at this than others, but we are pushing for it across the whole game.


Thanks for taking the time to come on. A lot of our frustration isn’t really aimed at you guys, but unfortunately you’re the wrong ones to fix the most irritating of our concerns. If anything, I think we’ve identified a root issue for you…the developers are pushing out “stuff” of all kinds that you are scrambling and unable with your manpower to fix. Bottom line for PG to take away is to slow down the pace to get us a better product. Stop shoveling us McD’s and take the time to grill a steak and pour us a glass of wine.


Thank you all for the questions. Sorry we didn’t have the insight to address all of them, but we hope you still found this useful. As always, we’ll keep doing everything we can to make War Dragons the best game it can me.


This is the 13rd best AMA I’ve ever attended.

:+1: Good job.


Phew, at least it’s not the 14st. Thanks everyone for joining today!