We should have an option for our own avatar

I am tired of seeing other players with the same avatar, could we get an option of adding our own design, making us unique?


Maybe earn avatar add on instead of full avatars as event rewards?

I can already picture the amount of obscene and ridiculous things people would do lol.


I think a male+female version of every basic avatar and of every avatar to come would already offer a great deal of individuality.

For an “easy” costumizable idea: How about players can pick different colors for their avatars?

Example: Certain colored elements of the avatar such as the purple fire effects of the Kharnyx Knight could then be turned into red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, white or black fire effects (more or less colors, just an example). The avatar itself wouldn’t change.


A lot of effort goes into designing the avatars, and quite frankly a lot of them would not work artistically if you changed the color balance.

On a side note, have any of you looked at how many abatars have already been released? And every season we get at least four more to choose from. And each of those four has several different stages beyond that. There is a huge variety, available, so I dont’ see that the problem is the supply. Wuite often players just seem to gravitate toward whatever is the newest and shiniest. You would be best off petiioning your teammates to broaden their horizons in their avatar choices.

I agree with you that there should be a male/female version of every avatar that they offer.

I do 3d design, so I can make my own. But I play another game, everyone has their own design. Yes, some are distasteful but 98% are not.

I did this one yesterday. It really isn’t too hard to do.

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I agree with the idea of different male and female avatar, but not with giving people the option to upload their own avatar.

I will make many things difficult, employees need to check every avatar before uploading. Otherwise people can upload +18 pictures, or politic pictures, or pictures with copyright. It will cause big problems.

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