We should see level AND defense when attacking

You know how when you choose an attack in PvP or the Matchmaker, you see level. But then you go in and are surprised at how high the base defense is? Then when you back out, it asks you to affirm. Then you have to go through the click process all over again.
There must be a better way.
How about showing us base defense AND level so we can make a better decision. At least lose the affirmation Yes/No thingy if we do back out.
Whaddaya think?


Base defensive power is one of the most useless statistics in the game. There really isn’t any problem with the status quo: it keeps things tidy.


Rather than base defense, base layout is much more important. Sometimes, a base with high defense points is weaker to one with lower one due to its bad layout. And it depends a lot to attacker’s dragon.


Sometimes with 500k AP dragon, I go and get 70% on a base with 3.5M defense.
And with same dragon, I lose against 1M base defense.
We can’t justify the real power of base with DP. It’s far too dependent on layout.


I think it would be nice if the display was closer to the normal matchmaker screen, but show the points instead of the wood/food.
This way we could look at the teams in a way we are more used to seeing.

Just throwing this out there but in matchmaking you don’t have to go through the hoops to switch opponents, you just re-open the tab on the left of the screen if you don’t dig the homie you’re looking at. Pvp events the issue for me is moreso the long ass load times I attack people sometimes because I just don’t feel like going through the backtracking lol. Unless it’s a ridiculous base, then I’ll take the loading time haha


I completely disagree.

The fact that you can scout the entire base before you attack it already is a ridiculously unfair advantage. I would rather see a fog of war… would make it more interesting, especially in wars.

Sounds like we need a shiny new fog of war flak :rofl::rofl:


I agree that I would like a better way. My idea is so have:


Then when you click on the name, the menu goes to the side like it does in the main attack menu, so you can see the base layout. If you don’t like it, you just open the side menu again without all the loading and backing out.

While the right dragon can defeat a base that looks too hard based on defense number, the defense number is still a better metric than level for deciding if you want to look at a base or not.


You think? Curious what experiences lead you to that. No statistic here is perfect, but base defense level seems to me a MUCH better predictor of victory than level.

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Though I understand where this is coming from, it’d make an already slow loading tab load even more slowly, and people who are already having issues with events would likely have it even worse :see_no_evil:

Initially getting into the event may take a bit longer, but if they do my suggestion in this thread and the one I just posted about TC and Egg Tokens showing up in the event screen, then I think this would actually greatly decrease the total amount of loading they will have to do. After attacks, you are brought back to the event screen, so if you don’t need to leave the event screen, the load time for it won’t be as much of a problem. :blush:

The real pain is having to get out of the event screen to get to chats, Egg tokens, and maybe some other stuff. If it is all accessible in the event screen, we won’t have to constantly go in and out of the event screen and continually have to deal with loading.

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IMO the defence rating is meaningless without also looking at the actual base setup. So just having it on the first screen doesn’t actually help anything. It’s fine the way it is.

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Tower positioning and tower levels are a much better indicator than the def number.
Someone with a short base but high level towers isn’t going to have a higher DP than a longer base with even towers.
But the shorter base is gonna give you a harder time than the longer one.

He didn’t say that defense number was a better indicator of potential victory than looking at the base layout.

He said defense number was a better indicator of potential victory than LEVEL.

Someone with a long base and a short base can have the same level, but the short base will have higher defense numbers. So defense numbers are a better indicator of how hard the base will be than level is.

Seeing the defense numbers can help you decide if you want to take the time to look at the base layout. Their level could look like a base you can take out, but the defense numbers alone could be high enough to show you that no amount of awesome flying skills will help you defeat the base. In which case, you wouldn’t bother looking at the layout.

On the other hand, there could be a player whose level looks too high for you to take out, but they may have a long base making their defense numbers lower. You might not have thought to look at their base layout if you hadn’t seen their defense numbers.


I agree that a system similar to matchmaking where you can easily see the base layout would be amazing for PvP events.
That is if the performance and loading time would not get worse.


I agree looking at defense is a much safer way then level. This is my low level alt (Lv 45) and can sometimes take out levels 60-80 depending on how good/bad their base is. Defense points may not be a sure way to tell if you can beat the player or not, but level is pretty much useless.

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This whole topic is ridiculous. Bases should be less transparent, not more.

If anything you should have to “scout” a base if you want to see it, using resources or something. This satellite view with tower levels, position, runes, and defense power, is more than enough to let anyone know what they need… it’s actually total b.s.

Again, bases should be harder and not so easy to scout. Seriously… where’s the challenge?

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I agree with DP being a better indicator than level BY FAR … I know one of my dragons can, generally speaking … .take out any base that is 400K DP or lower … but I have seen these DPs at levels 50 through 85 … so DP is MUCH better determination than level will EVER be

Pfffffft. Perhaps we shouldn’t see anything at all. Have the entire base clouded in fog and attack blind. Even more challenge. This is me being sarcastic! The entire point of a war game is strategy and learning about complexity.