We should see level AND defense when attacking


I totally agree. For your consideration GPF members.

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Edit: to clarify I think this idea of a fog of war has more impact for wars and atlas vs events.


I get the idea from a base owner and defender perspective.

However, think about bases like @coach has. If they would steam roll all other 200s but fail on his base bc he has as a early 200 lv 52 towers they would flag his base for cheating bc they don’t see that he has the builder hut and the storage level for these towers.

Also it would cut out any strategy vs good bases bc you cannot just pick one dragon which would be a good lead.

Let’s say you fly Necryx a lot and then enter the base and it’s full of non-elemental towers you’re done and wouldn’t give the follower a good lead.

Imo it takes the strategy out of the game.


No I disagree. It actually puts Strategy into wars. How are you going to scout the base first? How do you plan your waves to learn about the enemy’s bases? How can you 250 and minimise defences?

The fog of war is a real thing. Reducing it is what separates great teams and strategies from the rest.


I have to agree with Grumpy on this one.
I mean we scout anyway, it just takes ages to reload the event window which gets annoying.


IMO it’s also another way to boost base defences without actually boosting towers.


You won’t have a strategy when you enter unknown big bases. Literally none.

It’s a shot in the dark which doesn’t indicate if your team learned something before.

Also you can trick the system by scout the bases before in matchmaking runs and get then the information you need.

All this will do is waste more heal potions.


You’re talking tactics, not strategy. Strategy is the collective actions of the team not just the one player attacking. If you had fog of war today how would you plan and strategise wars and atlas?

Think about it and discuss it at GPF at least. That’s all I’m asking.


@MareZ my biggest problem is that points are not IMMEDIATELY credited and I have to restart game multiple times before they do. It’s super frustrating and annoying. I mean the system let me do 4 super attacks at 28 energy left and guess what none of those attacks counted (like 30 mins ago) but my IF and the precious time in the last 10 mins of the event were for nothing. Result we got demoted bc all reported the same problem.

Events have way more problems than the base visibility.


Well I agree that it‘s absolutely not a priority, there are much more pressing issues like balancing the game before doing “cosmetic changes”.
However, it‘s a tedious thing to keep reloading and scouting and it might get on PG‘s ToDo-list, even if it‘s a very low priority issue :wink:


Great idea but,

Advantage : fun and surprise factor yes. Good for wars.

Disasvantage : u always afraid to atk an opponent ur size or higher. No one would like to waste 4 - 8 energy just to capture 1 base layout in pvp events plus defenders. Unlike Clash of Clans, layout is everything because you cant DEFEND,but here in WD , defending a base is already putting an attacker at a great dissadvantage.



Will do when I see the advantage in it.

More lost troops in atlas bc ppl attack bases they underestimated?

More war attacks which need to be redone?

I mean where is the advantage for the player base here?

And where is the strategy you’re talking about?

It’s like you’re planning a boxing fight and you don’t study the opponent before and just let you surprise what happens when the lights go on.

Normally you would fight a boxing fight where you have a chance to win or you would pick another opponent.

With your proposal the lights will go on and a heavyweight champion would stand before a flyweight lol.


If both sides can do the same, it’s hardly unfair. But it could be fun yes


Right now the “strategy” we are referring to costs nothing… you can get all the details of a base. The only question is if it will be defended.

If you think that is challenging, fine. I find it very easy, because I always know what to expect. If we had fog of war, maybe we would need better rewards to account for failures, but as things are right now, rewards are way too generous for defeating base you should know you can beat beforehand.

And just think how much more interesting fort and feeding events would be…


I don’t vote against it but PG intends to beef bases up see the 4.0 balance thread and make them harder. Currently bases are still too easy and a fog of war won’t change that bc I’m thinking ahead.

This will be a frustration pool par excellence.

Bases are currently broken and trust me what you solo now won’t be doable solo after the buff.


Speaking selfishly I hit above my level in pvp events so it would suck for me to not be able to try and develop a gameplan going into the fight. I’d probably just end up hitting low levels to know I’m not wasting energy. That’s just me though. I wouldn’t even consider bothering to blindly try some of the levels I’m hitting now


Yeah I get why ppl are bored right now. Bases aren’t where they should be.

But as I said this hopefully changes soon.

Anyways you can always find super hard and super easy bases at the same level.

A 300 can have a full base of lv 35 towers and a super short base with a lv 55-60 middle island. It will display the same defense power.

Also a lv 190 can have a super short base with lv 45 towers or a long base with lv 22-35 towers.

If you pick the wrong one energy is gone. Also think about mega attacks. Lol

I understand where y’all coming from but just wait until towers get the buff they deserve.


This is a clear cut case of fixing what is not broken… you can’t make a civic into a Ferrari. It’s a civic drive it like you stole because who cares… actually I will say base defense is not precise. It’s an estimation for an attacking player to use. And as for the event again it is not a top security firm for the us government. It’s a phone game… loading times happen when you try to squeeze so much into a server. Don’t make it worse by tinkering with it.


The best solution is, if exiting a base without attacking, just send us back to the previous menu hierarchy showing the same opposing team already opened up. It’s done this way in some other events.

…and fix the bug where it takes away your energy from time to time even when an attack isn’t made!! This is killer when it happens at the very end of a round.

(Answering what the OP was actually about)


You said bases are going to be buffed up, so we aren’t going to be attacking way above our levels anymore. I’m fine with that, but I am worried about how that will affect XP.

In order to get good XP, sometimes you need to attack above your level. Will the XP also be adjusted, so we can get max XP on the now harder bases around our level? I know that if a base is below our level, we get less XP on it, but if it is harder than bases at or above our level, will we still get lower XP? I hope this is something you all are discussing with fixing balance issues. I think XP should just be based on how hard the base is, not it’s level.

Sorry for being off topic. :see_no_evil: I just really want to know the answer.


Might I suggest that the topic of “fog of war” get made into a new thread? It will be easier to find there and keep this thread on topic.

While I’m commenting about it though, I will say I’m completely against it. I see no fun advantage and a poop load of disadvantages. Yes, I’m bored with the game (only people make it fun for me). But this would make me go from bored to angry.

I don’t want to waste the healing potions. I don’t want to repeat the same base over and over. And how are we supposed to learn and do better? Do we have to memorize the base layout? Because not everyone has a good memory. And I don’t see how scouting adds any strategy. All it does is waste time, resources, and healing pots. They added the mega coin to allow people to not have to grind, and so they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time attacking (at least its one reason other than money and stuff lol). If people don’t want to waste time grinding for points, why would they want to waste time scouting? I could keep going.

All over this idea just sounds horrible. If you make a post about this, I will make sure to paste this comment in it.