We should see level AND defense when attacking


Looking forward to bases that can t be solo’d!


@SelimaLeona I do not understand that question.

Xp is not calculated on levels you are attacking but on the towers there. A horrible built 300 could provide only 80k xp while a great built 250 could provide 150k xp.

It’s rather the towers used there.

The buff should impact most towers which are now out of shape so lv 45+ as stated multiple times in the forums already. But who knows this is and was only my suggestion for months now.

A lower base shouldn’t be affected also you can hit players way above your level with horrible layouts.

It comes all down to base building and you can use still your xp bases to get the xp you need.

Here a perfect example from my alts matchmaking:


Really against this “Fog of War” idea.

The way things are now, a team that spends time preparing and learning bases before attacking is rewarded for that effort. You’re just making it so that strategy and effort are less needed/rewarded.

One of the best parts of the game is looking at a base and figuring out which dragon combo is best to take it down. Working with a teammate and learning how to use your dragons better. How sad to take that away.


@warlord I don’t have any screenshot examples, but I’ll try to explain with an example. You bookmark an XP base. After a while, not only does it no longer give you max XP, but it no longer gives you the same XP you used to get for defeating that base.

I’ve also noticed this when it comes to percentages destroyed. During the last fort event it was the most obvious for me because I didn’t have a good XP base. At first, when I killed 80% of the base I get let’s say 30k XP (random number). After I leveled up, I attacked the same base and destroyed the same percentage, but I got 28k XP. FYI those examples don’t include multipliers or elite bonus.

So I’m worried that if a base is below our level but harder than bases at our level, that we will get less XP for attacking that base than we would attacking a base at or above our level with the same difficulty.



If you look at “level stats” here you can see where max xp goes up. It’s isn’t really accurate numerically do to research and etc. but it is accurate in showing you when your max xp increases, and when your max xp increases there is a chance the base that gave you max xp before no longer does. Also if the base does not give max xp, it will give you less xp for hitting it once your max xp has gone up.

That’s been my experience not sure if that changes later game


You can make a civic into a Bugatti. Apparently, you use Accords to make Ferraris.


Sorry, I should have said the XP listed with the base was my max XP before leveling up and after leveling (and for a few more levels after that too), but the amount of XP I got for the same percentage destoryed went down.

Ah, so you’ve seen that XP on the same base (which didn’t change) decreases when your level increases too! This shows that XP is not JUST tied to defense power but ALSO to the difference in level between the attacker and defender.


:100: legit


The concern is legit that if bases will be harder you might not be able to beat the bookmark with one dragon as you did now.

It all comes down to what someone want in the game. XP per se was never tied for me to raids.

I wouldn’t skip a base which shows 160k food with terrible xp for a base which shows 50k food and max xp.

XP grinding should be outsourced to xp bases raids have another incentive (rss).

Also the overall balance should come closer to a return on investment. If you built super smartly a brutal base of course this should come with advantages like attacker fail rate increases. Otherwise base building is pointless.

Again, XP isn’t the priority when it comes to raiding.

If all your opponents provide way less xp than the xp base you’re using then you overleveled your base.

Hope this helps.


It’s good as it is. It allows one to understand how important is to check enemy towers level before attacking, specially short islands


Yes, this is how it works. But when you start getting 200k xp before multipliers and boosts, you will be much happier leveling bigger dragons than when you got only 50k. About the only thing I like now that I hit the “wall”.


There’d be much more “flow” to playing if level AND BaseDefense were simultaneously visible. At least for me. As it is now about half my attacks involve backing in and out, cause defense level is too high and clicking WAY more than I need to to get information that is there, but not efficiently visible.


To me, Base Defense doesn’t mean anything. I need to see the layout.
I would love to have it set up like the match-making screen where when you tap on the base you get a preview of the layout without having to completely change the screen. That way you won’t have to back in and out multiple times. It would save a lot of time in events. I would be a big fan of that change.


I do appreciate, to an extent, the element of surprise, it’s better if it doesn’t take the form of withholding information. The better the initial overview, the faster the learning experience and the more fun the game becomes for all levels.


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