We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


Can’t believe I am saying this, but … ya, cancel Kingdom War please, I am not opening :poop: to get IF and Energy

Where is training event ?!?!
Please make second event of Springblossom a pvp not feeding

Same lol I literally will sleep thru this pvp.


Agreed Feeding


We Want Feeding


Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind if they switched up the cadence (wouldn’t be the first time) and did feed, PvP (week 1), breed (week 2), fort, PvP, breed, then back to normal. With PvP this week I’m only going to be using the 4 IF I currently have squirreled away.


No 1 will waste rss on a dead season


Yes. I second this times a million. GIVE US FEEDING.

This week insert a feeding event, then delay the other events by a week so that next season opens with

week 1 kingdom wars + week 2 breeding + week 3 pvp + week 4 fort


I’ll take anything besides kingdom wars. I HATE it.


Honestly I’d rather get it over with if it means Gauntlet during discount period in a few weeks instead of KW when I actually have to care.


Everyone grab your pitchforks, it’s mob season. Lol
PvP will be second event of new season, still discount period, clam down y’all.


Hopefully pvp will be the second event of the new season. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did feeding then breeding.


:joy: I wonder if they’re gonna go feed breed open. That would be funny, tragic and cue the mobs… :joy:


how are you so sure it is going to be PVP for second event of new season? :eyes:

Also my point is we don’t want to open gold to get energy and IF at the end of season, so really got nothing to do with the new season other than wanting to save all the gold for new season :eyes:


shut up you big jinx :triumph:


My record of picking events speak for itself… :joy:


Unless they decide on feeding just like fall ‘18 :joy:

Damn I’m disappointed, wanted feed. Saving for the next season so not spending on gold chests even though I have no IF. No point.


For sure, that’s why I said IF it means Gauntlet during discount. Feed and breed together during discount would be the absolute worst (for me). Much rather have feed now than in two weeks, no question.


We need to have a PvP in the first two weeks during discount so we can open chests. I have 4k Bronze Chests saved up and don’t want to miss out on the discount…

But feeding is overdue aswell, so I fear we will get Breeding and Feeding as first two events, which - as said above - would be bad!
Please PG, don’t screw us over! Give us PvP during Discount!!


My question is why have they done breed then feed in the past, what’s the point? It breaks cadence and hurts nothing having a PvP between breed and feed. Everyone begging for feed now with breed how many weeks ago?


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