We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


dont want feeding now, Rather open season with breed then feed. Opening chest can happen after first two weeks


Reasons to have Feeding this week:

  1. Many players will have new Dens on Tuesday, and logically, expected to level dragons. PvP is a disappointment for all 300+ players who must now choose to level without points, or not level.
  2. Many players have reached their season targets, and are saving Chests. PvP is disappointment to all players who are low on IF who must now choose a low PvP event score, or open chests and hamstring next season.
  3. PG remembers the backlash the last time they put breeding and feeding as weeks 1 and 2 in a season, and reversed that decision. PG must now chose to breed and feed weeks 1 and 2, or delay an overdue feeding to week 4 (5 weeks from now), and either choice will disappoint the players.

Or, to avoid all this disappointment:
Give us Feeding (last week) --> Breeding (week 1) --> Kingdom Wars (week 2)




wtf no we wanted KOTH wtf greg


Lets not forget who truly to blame for this…

Take it back lukas


Please for once listen to us and give us feeding for the finale and start eh new season with pvp. It really isn’t unreasonable.


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Yeah you right :tipping_hand_man:t3:

  1. People should stop relying on leveling their main dragons for feeding points. Feeding is for leveling benched junk dragons. This is the primary reason why unlike Fort and Breeding, feeding is a minor event that hinders progress rather than promoting it

  2. If they’ve reached their season targets then the easy feeding points would be a waste. Having KW now means that most likely we’d have double gauntlet and maybe Temple Raid next season instead of double KW.

  3. Why do people keep assuming that us not having feeding this week means we must have feeding in the first two weeks next season? They could easily do Breeding > Gauntlet > Fort > Feeding. PG has shown in the last few seasons that they’re not following the old 8-9 week feeding rotation anymore. Last feeding was only 6 weeks after the previous one and that one was 11 weeks after the one before that


Ima lose my fkn mind if we gotta keep doing gauntlet ill take pits every pvp if it means no glorified invader wallet warriors event, i mean gauntlet.


At which point the two week discount period is…over.


Sometimes you have to step back and wonder if people have really thought through all the possible ramifications of their suggestions :sweat_smile:


Thank u for that lol


Breed -> PvP -> Feed -> PvP?

Every scream on the forums for feeding scares me they just going to repeat

I understand why they did that back then now… please let’s not repeat that mistake people :pray: follow


I mean I don’t care what event is next as long as there is a pvp the 1st 2 weeks of next season.


they have never had a PvP between breed and feed…feed is consider a non PvP “PvP” that breaks the pvp cycle


So…you don’t need IF and energy for PVP? That’s nice. You must spend a lot during PvP then :eyes:


I’m going to ask you the same question, why do you assume is going to be a PvP in the first 2 weeks of the new season? I would laugh so hard and quote you back here and do a told you so dance when the first two weeks are minors.

Nobody in here mentioned anything about holding their drags back for feeding, where are you reading that from? Or are you just assuming that’s what people who posted here are doing?


So you prefer we all play the game with no strategy or forward planning.
Good suggestion…


Whats the benefit when you could more easily spend same amount of food with practically no effort bc so much xp for baby dragons when player lvl is high. If that is the case then why would i ever wait to feed my main dragons which ive never once done


What’s the benefit of the feeding event?

None. We all hate it. Wish it would disappear and never come back, BUT

As long as it’s in the rotation, smart players plan for it.