We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


Why the hell are you suggesting something that puts the next fortification event so far away? I need to reach level 300 darn it. This is a stupid suggestion. Fort and breeding should always have 4 weeks between one event and the next time that same event runs.


Oh i must of misunderstood but i still stand ground on fact feeding would of been awesome…its relaxed and flexible on time spent hunting u aint gotta do it on pg time just whenever ur ready and fact most sigils drop during feeding as well as easier to hit reward requirement…


And disclaimer, I just don’t want a pvp, they can throw in any minor events…but wait, we just had fort, so that’s no good, breed? Too early in the rotation also. Hummmmmm, what else left? Ohhhhh FEED, DUHHHHHHHH


You must not have met BamBam before… :joy:


You need to balance order and chaos love, your post is getting more on the chaos side :joy::joy::joy:


:unamused: Sadly I have and the lunacy of the suggestion to have fort more than 4 weeks from the fort we just had doesn’t exactly surprise me…


The problem why i would like to have feeding is, that probably the next saison would be breed+feed i guess, and that would be not very good for saison planning…

I wouldnt need XP/Food packs, i would need Energy and IF for season.

Its not that i wouldnt want PvP specially, for me the issue is, to not have a pvp event during sale weeks, where i would open a lot of goldchests…

However, feeding give access to win sigils better then the pvp , for some helps for some not… at the end the next saison is in focus.


We all need to give in to our inner chaotic self now and then :smiling_imp: Just need to hold onto the reins enough not to let it run amuck :upside_down_face:


Preach… i was bad enough upset when they changed events back to fit more pvp

I think their last rotation would of worked if events cycled same as atlas events


I’m fine with 5 instead of 4 once in a while. However, 6 is a bit (?) too long…

looking at hungry dragons in roster


I personally think feeding should be eliminated from the roster completely; but in this instance, by all means. I have no desire to waste any of next season’s stockpile on another winter PvP.


I’m curious as to why people want feeding so bad TBH. Ideally what we’ll see is KW>breed>PVP>fort>feed. (I truly don’t know… that’s just what would be ideal)

At this point if you are trying to finish something, you’ll do it anyway. If people are done (which a lot are) the taking it easy this event isn’t a big deal.

There’s been nothing to indicate that it’ll be feeding the second week of the new season other than guesses as PG has proven there isn’t a set schedule with those, so it’s all guessing for now.

Hopefully they remember the last time they thought about opening the season with 2 non-pvp events and don’t make that mistake again.


I don’t disagree with your logic. I can only offer my above comment as an explanation. :man_shrugging:


Yeah it aint tragic cause i aint doin notjin but scraping in all the remaining embers and timers i can grab lol but i do well when i hunt and to me i thought would be easiest event or most laid back… not like i never been wrong i guess its just preference and relative


These are my exact thoughts.

Kingdom wars is the absolute best event to end a season off with. The less you have to stress about this event and participating in it the better.


Out of IF and Energy packs for me…
Also, feeding is the most reasonable suggestion for minor (I want xp, but likely it’s impossible :sob:)


Ummmm league rank points for one? If people take it easy in this pvp, the team can risk dropping league?


No minimum requirement for Rulith? :thinking:


Because of this:

If not for this, I would be happy to wait 5 weeks for Feeding, or never have another feeding again (so long as PG confirms it to be true)


Not for last pvp of the season :wink: