We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


Ahh… No wonder…
Hope I don’t need to open any (though I’m tempted to open bronze)


But that doesn’t change a ton of things. Level your roster dragons and if you insist on starving the non-roster ones you’ll probably still have PLENTY to feed whenever it comes around.

I’ve never ever had a feeding event where I ran out of things to feed.


Did I say it was going to be pvp? No, I dont think I did. I said they could easily do pvp. They changed the rotation at the start of Fall to feeding > pvp > fort because people were asking for a pvp in the first two weeks.

Umm, the comment I was replying to literally was talking about having to make the decision of leveling their dragons without event points or holding them back. Did you not bother reading that?

What part of holding your good dragons back from leveling is strategy or planning? The planning part is using your benched breedables or benched seasonals to grind xp on and then using them to earn feeding points along with spam feeding your perches. Feeding is not a strategy event. It is a pointless week of wasting food for decent points.


I’m sure everyone is different, so I can only give my case, but since you’ve asked.
When PG made the announcement that many players would have a significant den boost this tuesday, and with all other factors at play, it seemed logical that this week would be Feeding. Then when Flak asked about Feeding, Arelyna replied with a cryptic “not gonna spoil the supprise message”, which lead me to believe that the surprise would be a good one.
So, with all that, I’ve finished off Fort without upgrading my Storage Hut, or breeding castle, and timed my last builds to match perfectly with what I assumed would be a Feed then Breed rotation. If next event is Feeding, I pop Rhyo, use 2x Food (which I almost never get to use) and merrily level my way to the Breeding event.
And lastly, I also bought just enough super sigils to finish Surt on the last event, assuming the team would hit the 1200 sigil quest. But, the team isn’t going to hit that now, leaving me more than 1200 sigils short, since I’m not going to score as high either.

I developed a strategy based on logic and reason, and I’m frustrated at this game for failing to follow logic and reason.


Hi Blackfire, do you start Fort with any timers at all? Because by this same logic, if you hold any towers back, you’re a hypocrite.


Feeding does not require timers nor for u to save food packs

I dont understand why im arguing haha im out thx for entertainment was completely lost entire time


This is one of the most illogical comments I’ve ever read. Fort and Feeding are not events that can be compared. They’re both rss events but that’s where the similarity ends. Fort is an event that is about improving your base but maintaining a balance with your breeding progress. It happens on a regular schedule about every 4 weeks and is mostly limited by speed ups

Feeding is not a regular event, it is really only limited by how much food you can get. You dont need speed ups and you dont need to wait for anything to finish. Holding back your roster dragons in order to wait for a feeding event that may or may not happen is hindering progress. It can cause you to do worse in other events and in wars. Holding back benched breedables doesnt hinder anything as long as they’re at breeding level. You cant over level your dragons and it doesnt take several months of clocks to level 1 dragon

Unless you’re a very low level then upgrading towers dont finish in between fort events until right before the next one. But if I happen to have a free upgrade available then yes, I will upgrade something at the back of my base if it will be done by the time the next fort event rolls around. Example: I upgraded a lower level mage tower 2 weeks ago because it was able to finish before this Fort event started. If I’d needed to waste clocks on it to have it done by the time this event started then I wouldnt have bothered leveling it because clocks are valuable.


No reason they can’t, it breaks nothing, said before in previous post above.

I’ll respond to this part. It keeps the cadence and breaks nothing. Most y’all upgrading 50+ and even with time discounts you’re sitting without an upgrade for how long?.. that’s eternity I assume?


Say that to storage :unamused:

Back to topic…
? (confused)
Hopefully next season’s 2 events will go as expected…


Last season/start of this season?


The title of this thread brought this image to mind:


I was hoping to hit lvl 300 this event but didn’t have the timers to achieve that, plus since I was basically done with the season it would have been a waste of sigils for next season. So I’m already looking at another month before I can upgrade my incubator and castle and start being able to hatch the two harbinger dragons I will have bred by that point. Now you are suggesting that I wait 6 weeks? In order to see if I will be able to progress further in the game?

I am sorry but that is an incredibly stupid idea.


We want feeding. We don’t want feeding in the second week next season!!!.


The first is a point, the second is unnecessary.


I don’t want PG to get the wrong idea and think that doing 6 weeks between fort events is a good idea, therefore I pointed out the fact that if they went with that the payer base would revolt. The forums exploded with posts when they changed temporarily to a 3 week cycle. I can see a similar nuclear explosion if PG ever made it so that there were 6 weeks between fort events.


As long as feeding is not in the first 2 weeks of next season
I 100% DGAF


Then make points not hate.

Forums exploded when not enough time, you’re exploding when to much time, are we in the three little bears story? Lol

Minor major keeps cadence instead of breaking it. And a rare occurrence of waiting won’t kill anyone.


It’s still unclear whether PG gets that the part of the cadence that matters for progression is that breeding and fort happen every four weeks.


goldilocks zone

people want to feel like they progress/get stronger every event cycle.
people also do not want to wait for extended periods of time between their progress cycles than necessary.

seriously though, feeding.
does anyone really care at all as long as feeding is NOT in the first 2 weeks of next season? not really.

Simple, stay on rotation
PVP >> end season
start season >> breed >> pvp >> fort >> replace any pvp from this point on with feed
not everyone is happy but no one is truly angry problem solved.


Feeding is by far the best event to end the season. Start the next season with kingdom wars.