We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


Feeding is the best way to train dragons, we all need it, slowing down players won’t help the game in anyways…


I agree that feeding is the best way to train dragons, which is why the feeding event should be gotten rid of so players will actually level up their dragons when they have the xp to do so and are not hindered by any den caps. That way the food economy won’t crash for a pointless “Feeding event” in which tons of food is fed to perches simply because it is the easiest, least headache inducing way of earning points in the event.


I believe that most time we’re actually train (as in running exp run for) our dragons are during breeding.

During feeding, food is so scarce that we’re actually overusing our main dragons, which doesn’t need xp at all…

I only see feeding events as a mean to control event cadence…


I was being a bit sarcastic :laughing: Unless a dragon is a divine dragon and it’s ready to evolve to the next tier, feeding it food is required to train it :rofl:


Well, brightside is at least we get one of the least favorite PvPs out of the way? :woman_shrugging:


Bring out the stakes, crosses, fire and brimstone

I think it would be cool to…
keep the 4 week event cycle

have a 2nd event run simultaneously for 4 weeks
-XP event proposed by Red

Either way the food economy remains stable, people have a reason to raid each other all the time, people are always rewarded for leveling their dragons, no one is ever upset when feeding happens, etc, so on, and so forth


Id say either just get rid of it or turn it into a 2 day mini event that runs from tuesday - wedensday between events


food shortage


Im totally fine with Kingdom wars to end the season as this is the most horrible event ever conjured up, we can relax. Only and only if the next two events of spring season is breed and gauntlet :face_with_hand_over_mouth::partying_face:


I’m gonna add to the list of protestors and say I’d like feeding for the last event too, it makes more sense and having a pvp event at the beginning week of a season is probably gonna net PG (thou) more money than having a pvp at the end of a season AND a feeding event at the beginning of the next season.


Who said feeding was going to be at the beginning of next season? Anyone?


Well who started the assumption anyway thay feeding will be in the first 2 weeks of spring season? We all know how unpredictable PG is :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_hand_over_mouth: it could be breeding and gauntlet or whatever we least expect lol


Feeding please😘


True but you could also apply that to Fortification Event, same principle isn’t it…

After you leveled your base, seems logical to level up dragons, then once they are at breeding point have a Breeding event, PvP can be placed between those events.

Envoyé de mon iPhone


I dont think you’d have it nearly as bad if it happened much more frequently and the points were capped lower due to being a mini event


I might be the odd thing, I don’t want feeding for next event; make feeding the third week of the next season.


Given that enough time has gone by to expect a feeding event soon, some are scared that since this week isn’t feeding PG will put it up next (after breeding). Which would be in the first two weeks of the season. Nothing is for sure, but given PGs history and how they HAVE had feeding in the first two weeks before, it’s not a completely irrational fear.
Yes, you can just say nahhh that won’t happen and hope the next 3 weeks are feed-less. But it’s legit to be wary as well…


For those asking, there is no assumption that feeding will be first two weeks of next season.

But if feeding was now, there would be ZERO CHANCE it will be first two weeks of next season.

Get it now? :man_facepalming:


There is some assumption from some people. But, hopefully PG is learning from their crapstorms they’ve been causing recently. But who knows maybe they’ll want to dump some gasoline and throw some C4 on next season and start it off with a bang.


I am far more annoyed that the new season will be breeding and feeding so there is no point in opening gold chests. That’s me skipping the first wave so :woman_shrugging: