We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


Hey it’s still PG, it would be a low chance…


No we dont want feeding, we want that event to die and never comeback


Feeding please, maybe even have a Community Vote?


we don’t want Feeding at the new season opening. Worst case scenario we get Feeding and Breeding now at the start and then won’t be able to open gold chests to have a season jump start


The vote says feeding…


Feeding before fortification otherwise I agree…let’s you save timers for those that upgrade storage between fortification events while having the ability to boost food production during feeding

I for one certainly don’t want feeding right after we just had a fort wasting precious timers In order to do anything good during feeding


We wont feeding !!!


Unbelievable… The sole moment when the logic says “feeding” and a PvP comes. The classic up and down, expected after the 300 wall news


let pg run there events it isnt pick and choose what event u so desire as jared said many of times there is no set what they put into place quit whining and do the damn event


I personally do not want the boring feeding event, I like to do stuff that keeps me entertained, not feed drags and I am done, that’s a normal routine not an event standard ,


Hell yeah. Why should people insist on giving feedback here? If Pg didn’t listen to players opinions the game would have gotten better faster


I expected Feeding, but thinking about this makes me happy: I have tons of dragons in the den waiting to be fed expert, and this way I don’t need to waste my resources on this season.

Whenever the next feeding will take place, I will score big, and for the next week: I can deal with my RL matters without worrying about the game.



Feeding please, or second to pvp in the new season.
We need a chance to open gold chests


Well elite benefits are expiring. I won’t be renewing until feeding


KW is a horrible choice for last event. Feeding would have made much more sense. One day maybe PG will catch on.


one more vote for feeding


more like bossy! no more for pg! its suppose to be feeding! we want to open out chests on pvp the first 2 weeks of discount :cry: then make multiple forum posts complaining again because poor people didnt get there way the event is laid out!


On the contrary, i’m very happy that KW was the last event of the season. See, you can’t please everybody.

I hate feeding, I think it is useless. But it’s easy sigils. I’d rather save it for next season.

I hate Kingdom wars, I think it is useless. It’s also very hard sigils for someone my level in my league. I’d rather have this as my “I don’t give a flying crap” last event of the season that i’m done with and require no additional sigils on.


I don’t drink beer, wine on the other hand…


what if you drop 10 rank points??? :scream::scream::scream: