We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


That’s what wars are for :laughing:


PVP wars are disabled…


Yeah, we are now in the “biting our nails off” kind of excitement, as we are just on the brink of ascension. (And to be frank, we’d rather not). But we won 2 wars last night… :man_shrugging:


wars are lameeeeeeee


Then for you having a PvP week is just great. No wars… :smiley:


Wars are the only real exciting part of the game for me.

Makes me challenge myself more :grin:

(Edit: I second that I enjoy team gauntlet, and I do like being able to use prior tier dragons in that other event, although unfortunately everytime that event pops up I seem to be busy.

All that said, the last time I actually had fun during an event was King of the Hill.

And I know a lot of people didn’t like the tug of war event but I thought it was fun, better than fight pits I thought.

If PG wants to really impress their players, I hope they’ve been working diligently to try and bring KotH back in all it’s original glory. If that’s even possible. We can only hope)


really??? not atlas?? interesting :eyes:


Atlas, to be fun needs a ridiculous amount of time spent. I don’t find the idea of hunting for glory all throughout the NML a fun one. I’d rather study castles and get my glory that way but people are petty and threaten your whole team like idiots because you annoyed them :roll_eyes:


We got from the disappointment of not having a feeding event to the non-existent fun in Atlas.
Can we get back on topic, please?


Lol my B, :sweat_smile: it’s amazing where subjects can lead :joy::eyes::shark:


No feeding. Would be happy with no feeding ever again. The worst PvP being the last of the season is perfect imho, allows for a total break: if done with season you can do nothing. There will be no wars. Castles in Atlas will be bubbled. Vacation time! :sunglasses::palm_tree:

If you have dragons to feed after the update…then feed them. If you are desperate to destroy the food economy when/if there is ever a feeding event again, feed your perch/es if you truly run out of things to feed…or save it for your junk dragons.

I have no idea why people are assuming feed will be in the first two weeks of the season. Yeah, no one wants to see that. And if PG actually cares about player happiness, no one will. I personally hope to never see feed again. Would love to see the xp event though.


I am not sure why people want so much feeding event at the end of this season. I am sure most of us have already all the stones for the dragons we wanted… and for sure it’s not the 4-5k sigils of this season that would make a difference from an event like feeding. But I am absolutely sure that the same amount of sigils of the next season will be very important in the next season, let’s say in the fourth week of the new season.

PVP-Breeding-PVP-Building-Feeding would be the best IMHO.


Clearly you would declare a war after PVP rankings are in to get back to the league you want :ghost:


maybe you are not understanding the original post lol

I don’t care if it is feeding or other minor events, just not PVP, like you said, most people already have what they want, and nobody wants to open gold chests in hope of getting IF and energy while getting useless winter sigils at this point. They would like to save what they have to the new season.

If like mech says people can relax and not participate in this PVP, then your team is at risk of losing league rank and being bump down, some teams might even get bump down to lower leagues depends on their ranking.


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nobody wants feeding, but not having it now, the chance of having it with new season is much higher. If you want to open gold chests for sigils during discount weeks then all the best to you :eyes:


So what you say, a minimum participation is required. I don’t see a problem … losing team points could happen anyway, regardless the timing.


so … people already got their stuff, you still want to force them to open gold chests to get IF and Energy to maintain the rank in PVP? we are not that heartless, thanks :joy:


I am not heartless… but inners and energy boosts are good all year long. In fact they are the reason people ask for a PvP during the first two weeks of a season. So that opening the gold chests they gathered, to be able to have enough stash of them for the season. I may not see exactly where is the problem… especially when in Feeding and Building most of the teams get the max team sigils prize while in PvP not so much. So, I want feeding in the next season, not this one.


Where did I say this? I can’t even. :unamused: