We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


because opening gold chests in the last PVP of the season also drops winter sigils…that people don’t need…instead of spring sigils…


if you want to quote me, don’t just quote second half of the sentence :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They did have a community vote. Feeding won.


While some folks want breeding and fort so close together, not all of us get 2k eggs per day just for logging on. So those of us in the lower leagues, need events like feeder, where we can focus on the extra things to help gain more eggs for the next breeder.


29% vs 25%?
Really you are going to leave it up to a poll of <150 people where the differential was a few individuals?


Fort and breeding are this distance away. On opposite sides of a 4 week rotation. Whether feeding or pvp is there, it has zero effect on your egg token gains. Do your missions or don’t.


It was still chosen as the best option, was it not?


I’m glad you have passed intro to statistics


You know nothing RonnSnow


Like most, I’m able to do more atlas missions with my riders during the feeder event, vice this upcoming pvp, therefore, able to get more eggs than normal.


So you want it between every single minor event cycle so you can farm more tokens?


You could just log in for a little bit longer and get both done? Put some work and effort in :slight_smile:


The main thing for me is feeding is a take it easy event. Perfect for end of season when everyone is tired. Also having it now eliminates (almost) any chance of it appearing in the first two weeks next season.

Otherwise what Ron said also applies. We won’t force our team to spend rss to get team ranking so teams that do that risk losing rank points in pvp.


Amen! Right there with ya.


you agreeing with me :flushed:


Maybe you know something after all :man_shrugging:


so your team loses league rank, you will definitely be right there with them. :grinning:


Rulith is good company. Don’t care what ya’ll say about them. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


whoaaaa, where did I say anything bad about Rulith LMAO, somebody is touchy :joy::joy::joy:


Stop touching people Ron…


you are so going to get my thread closed LMAO