We want(ed) feeding! Now we want PVP to start new season


and all before the servers even go down. Just wait until the folks pour over onto the forums in a few mins.


Exactly this. this season is pretty much over, no point in wasting a higher sigil yielding event this week.

This will also hopefully mean that we’ll only have 1 KW next season. If we had it at the start of next season then that would most likely mean 2 Spring KWs.


“PG” we have heard your complaints now enjoy kw :slight_smile:


I’m one of the few who actually likes feeder. And I log about 5-10 hours per day on this game. So if they did a rotation of pvp-breeder-pvp-feeder-pvp-fort-pvp I’d be happy. Most might not be, but I don’t mind hunting for food, like i have to for wood during fort. I just think a pvp for last event of season is a waste, as most folks are empty on IFs, and have do desire to open chests.


I would separate fort and feeding with breeding in that rotation. Even though a lot of people do level up drahons during breeding, it provide a little bit more of a rest than having for and breed back to back. But honestly, want to see the XP event that Red proposed in action. She definitely piqued my interest with that.


You should be happy as we did get the feeding event (minus the points and prizes)



How did you know that I’ve just fed my dragon?
And not my main one…


This event suck the south end of a north bound donkey! Nothing will ever happen until you all STOP spending money and boycott their stupid schedule!


Kingdom Wars SUCKS and we all know it. There have been multiple attempts that I have seen to get it changed to no avail. The only way we are going to get any change is to STOP spending money! As long as they are getting paid, the results will be the same.


Welcome to WD.


I’d love to have this thread disappear so PG doesn’t start the new season with breed then feed… I’m sure forums will blow up about not having a PvP during discount weeks


Gotta change the title…

We want PvP in first 2 weeks!!!


Changed it… hopefully no one has issues with the change :joy::joy:


I think it more accurately describes what we actually wanted. For people getting discount dragon it’s crucial to have Breed + PvP as first two events.


I won’t be going for discount this season…likely the rider for me. Spent all my rubies to get surt :eyes::joy: which not to derail but Ragnarok definitely needs that 20% boost for mid tiers. We’ll see by the end of the year how he fairs at mythic obsidian :man_shrugging:t2::shark:


I hope we really get a pvp for start of season , but I have a feeling that breeding event next week and feeding event 1 week after , just my feeling tho


Breeding and then pvp is 90% probability. Why? Cause lots of peeps will be pissed off otherwise. The build and breed cadence is the framework and the pvp/feed events are the filling.

So breed and then pvp please :icecream:


Im leaning in that direction also… only thing that makes sense… then have fort and feed after if they want to have feeding… but starting off the new season with 2 weeks of minors will most likely not go down well at all


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I hope so, but the last time that happened was also when they started the 3 week cadence. I don’t know if it was that, or the pissed off player base to credit for that season starting with Feeding followed by PvP.