We want our rubies back

I don’t like that no rubies available in acheivement rewards for breeding… are we getting compensated for them being missing

rubies was there for breeding wtf are you talking about?

There were rubies in the personal rewards like normal, just some sigils were missing. And there were never any rubies in team achievements.


right they said will compensate for the missing sigils already

I had no rubies at all in prizes for event

so you was the only one? weird some how dont believe it i mean can u screenshot your prize screen?

No . I didn’t have any rubies at all for my event

Well I’m not lying. I didn’t

Pics or it didnt happen

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I have already submitted pic to help desk thanks. During event it showed no rubies in prizes after event it showed rubies . But I didn’t get any for my 254k points. And thanks for all the help and support

i mean u came here the event screen is still up! you can easly post a picture and you would also need a ticket number here and message @PGGalileo to take a look

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You know, it’s ok to say “whoops, I must have looked in the wrong place” instead of going all passive aggressive like that. But good luck with your ticket.