We want your thoughts as we look forward to 2021

Dragon Lords,

With the new year around the corner, our team is starting to plan for releases, updates, and bug fixes for War Dragons in 2021. As we continue to invest in War Dragons, we want to hear from you.

We want to know what the community would most like to see us invest in and what are the biggest pain points in the game that you’d like to see us address ASAP. We know that you share these ideas throughout the year, and we’re able to pick up on some of them then - but since we’re in planning mode, this is when we’re really able to scope out work we’re going to do and fit that work into teams’ schedules.

So from today until 12/11 5pm PT, we would like to see the following from you in this thread:

  1. Post your ideas (suggestions, features, issues that you want to see addressed, etc.) individually here. Those that have more than one idea, feel free to post them.
  2. Heart/Vote on the ideas that you like.

After 12/11, we’ll gather the top 10 ideas that received the most votes/hearts. When we’ve identified those top 10 ideas, we’ll then create a poll in which players will get to vote on which ones you’d like to see our teams focus/address. Voting ends on 12/21.

These top 10 ideas will help us identify how to focus our efforts and will help us prioritize these requests. We’ll do our best to incorporate these ideas into our workflow, if it makes sense. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to tackle all of the ideas for one reason or another, but we’ll make sure to communicate that when the time comes.

Any questions?


Can you make it less laggy for like once


This is definitely a good place to start.


Can you list the different departments… I’d like to post at least one suggestion for each one… give everyone some love.


Just fix the game please.


Here’s mine:


I’m not sure if this counts, but I would love to see this put into effect;

Here was a suggestion I made myself that I think would be helpful for non-pirate Atlas teams;

I think this was another great suggestion that I made. It would reduce tedium and make for a better organization system, limiting transitions between the gear menu and the rider menu;

The following suggestion (also made by me) would make it to where we could remove riders from our “rider roster”;


I have too many and it’s nearly 4 am so I’ll list a few off the top of my head

  1. Chest input/slider feature for main game, similar to bank mechanics
  2. Removal of healing time altogether
  3. Reduction of incubation times (to maybe divine-like times)
  4. Chests dropping on Tuesdays, preferably with a doubled rate to incentivise activity, or even some sort of ‘chest drop increase/chest value increase per drop’ seasonal boost similar to the egg mission branch
  5. A way to trade in useless resources for more useful ones (in an infinite amount)

Those are just main game features, but I can think of several Atlas ones too… I’ll confine this post to maingame features though

(These things were listed in no particular order)

Edit: 6. More flexibility with research, making it so that you have to spend x amount of eggs/tokens to move onto the next tier of research, but giving the free ability to research anything of your choice within the tier, i.e: Preventing getting useless research if it’s going to be this expensive


This please. Could also have a open 100 button or auto-open if one is easier to do than the other.


I have some ideas.

  1. Pls allow us to salvage multiple gear.
  2. A new PvP (@Bloodsworn had some ideas posted)
  3. Slight reduction in regards to backbreeding eggs for research.
  4. Make Dungeons a permanent event which will start as soon as any minor event ends.
  5. Have Base Boosts provide seasonal Base Skins once we complete the whole branch.
  6. More missions on the Balloon hut, not just 3. We could have 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, 12 hour and 20 hour missions.
  7. Slight increase in the xp output the dragon quests potions give.
  8. Restart Ruby Mine.
  9. Elite Boosts for Rubies. Everyone, not just Grandfather accounts, should have them now.
    And last, but not least,
  10. Have more Noelles for each tier every two seasons.

Just a heads up for everyone posting multiple ideas, it would be a lot easier to “vote” if the ideas were separated. Some people have some good ideas and other not so good ideas (obviously dictated by opinion), separated would be much easier to identify them.


How do we do that now?

I got it. After everyone has thought of ideas, pg could create a poll with them. Then we could just vote for the ideas we like.


Use multiple separate posts. Probably spread out when you post too so no one person spams the thread. I personally think that’s what would be easiest, perhaps @PGGalileo can provide input on what would be easiest for him to sift through.

Nah it would spread out much.

Gonna plagerize @FieryxFury 's idea for changing the Primarch leveling event in atlas. I personally think her idea is great but almost any way to replace it would be great.


I would love it if the game would stop crashing so much.


Fix alliance chat bugs - people being in the wrong one, not seeing one at all, etc. or some don’t get pings from it

Edit: Also, suggestions are made under assumption that these aren’t going to replace important items that should already be underway…


One of the stuff I would’ve included if I decided to do an Atlas post :joy::ok_hand:t3:

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