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people don’t like color ;-;

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Thanks, color can be helpful at times, but it naturally draws one’s attention. When used in excess like it was its just too difficult to read, especially when skimming through so many posts.

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An increase in the quantity of timers in Atlas events.

If I’m not mistaken, the total amount is currently 735. 735 1h speedups is approximately 30.63 days, making the rounded up result 31 days.

An Atlas event lasts about 3 days and 15 hours if I recall correctly. There are 28 days between fortification events. I mean, technically, it’s 27 days (between the fort ending time and the fort starting time). 27 divided by 3 equals 9, so you have approximately 9 Atlas events between each fort event.

9x735=6615 1hr timers … 6615 divided by 24 = 275.625, making the rounded up result 276 days worth.

While this sounds like a lot of speedups, the XP on towers is quite costly… especially for the main circle island, where if I’m not mistaken, storage upgrades are worth 28 days and 16 hours worth of speedups per level if you have a 32% reduction like I do, and most people I’ve come across do indeed have -32%. It’s the same thing with the breeding castle. With a 32% reduction, it’s about 39 days and 9 hours worth of speedups. Of course the reduction varies depending on the player’s progress with research and riders and stuff, but enough of that… let’s move on.

According to Morreion’s site, levels on the Breeding Castle remain at the same cost of timers after level 180. Levels on the Storage Hut remain at the same cost of timers after level 160.

Sure, you may only have to do one or two upgrades on your breeding castle to make up for previous times where you fell behind… but with the storage hut, it’s a continuous leveling process. As you level up in fort events, more and more Storage Hut levels become available for you to do. Allow me to reiterate an aforementioned statement I have made in this reply… all storage upgrades after level 160 come with the cost of 28 days and 16 hours worth of speedups. Say you level up enough to unlock another 15 storage levels. That’s approximately 430 days worth of timers alone on STORAGE!!! Now it’s mostly mid-game that has that ability to gain access to near 15 storage levels in one fort event, because XP becomes more costly after level 460 or so… but there’s another problem. Time and time again, I’ve heard endgamers tell how they often use thousands of days of speedups and barely gained anywhere over 5-8 levels.

On top of all of this, most players don’t have the actual ability to max out Atlas events. Therefore, they don’t get all the timers that they potentially could. Most players like myself rely solely on chests and seasonal branches (both in Atlas and main-game) to acquire the speedups they need to fulfill their fortification goals (although Atlas events do still help). All I’m saying is that there needs to be an increase in the quantity of speedups one can acquire from Atlas events, because the timer-XP ratio is real, and gets realer the higher up you go. The reason it gets “realer” is because players have to level up and meet certain milestones in order to be able to continue making progress the following breeding event. As XP increases, more and more timers are needed to achieve those additional levels, thus making the process more of a grind.


One suggestion is too make sure the keys stay constant and steady each season after the pandemic, because fears and rumors are breaking out due too a mythic costing 20 keys now so as a result increase a key either by one amount each time the key amount increases or each tier.

Also add in a way too look for certain types of Gear and salvage multiple gear and open 100 chests and 1k chests which will increase how much rubies are required for this and possibly increase lag so as a result tweak these features.


Fix the broken game.

I would like to join battles again I would like gameplay stable enough to fly hau. I would like be able to attack something reliably.


Thanks, Gal, for opening the forums up for this discussion! I have a few ideas I’d like to share here and will see if I get the time over the next week to share them all. First, I’d like to see more attention put into the 1) cadence and 2) variety of Atlas primarchs as well as some constructive dialogue over the 3) power creep occurring.

  1. Cadence
    Why is it so long between primarch releases? Compared to tiering in the main game, release cadence in Atlas is glacially slow. I have been playing Atlas since early 2017 and Gold Tier primarchs have been tantalised since then. This is further perplexing when you consider that the seasons in Atlas are solely based around earning glory which, in turn, drives levelling of primarchs. It seems from the data that this necessity for levelling has been identified as a potential issue by the developers because the model for glory required to level appears to change almost every tier leading to massive jumps in total glory required to expert primarchs. It would be good to know what PG plan for subsequent tiers and how they are going to address this cadence. The risk of not doing so is that stagnation could serve to impede the performance of players in seasons and specific Atlas events leading to a increased disengagement.

Note: one way around the primarch leveling event issue has already been presented, yes, and I don’t want to take away from that very well thought out and constructive idea from @FieryxFury.

  1. Variety
    Primarchs are modeled off an interesting concept: dragons are embodied in vessels that exhibit unique attributes based on the dragon inhabiting them. This concept was readily apparent in the original primarch models that were ships then further reinforced when the primarch was altered to its current state. For me, what is disappointing is that the same four varieties have been replicated three tiers in a row. It would be great if we were able to shake the meta up with novel ideas for primarch abilities.

Obviously, DoT is not conducive to the fast pace of Atlas so no poison prim but, as just one quick idea, what about a prim whose defense or attack is augmented as troop army ratios change?

  1. Power Creep
    Successive tiers of primarchs just keep stacking power. Five new levels and each tier having minimum stats equal to the previous tiers means that by Gold 2 being released, an expert Rusher/Trapper will have 1645 DEF point prior to any season or fort buffs.

Using the minimum stats of a primarch in tiers S1 and S2 and forecasting for G1, using max stats of S2 primarchs, the min stats of a primarch for tier N+1 can be found by:

[Min stat at tier N+1]=[Min stat at tier N]*[1.5]
The result is rounded to the nearest 5.

G1 and G2 primarchs are likely to look like this:

Min Stats

Primarch Tier ATK DEF
Destroyer GoldI 525 525
Sieger GoldI 730 145
Taunter GoldI 285 550
Trapper GoldI 145 730
Destroyer GoldII 790 790
Sieger GoldII 1095 220
Taunter GoldII 430 825
Trapper GoldII 220 1095

Max Stats

Primarch Tier ATK DEF
Destroyer GoldI 790 790
Sieger GoldI 1095 220
Taunter GoldI 430 825
Trapper GoldI 220 1095
Destroyer GoldII 1185 1185
Sieger GoldII 1645 330
Taunter GoldII 645 1240
Trapper GoldII 330 1645

How does this look when an expert S2 Destroyer hits Expert G1 or G2 primarchs, again, without season or fort boosts?

Trappers look like they hurt! Atlas is open world and the further tiers of primarchs serve to deepen the divides already observed plus make the likelihood of conquering a castle far lower. How are PG looking to address the Prim power creep and how it contributed to the known issues prevalent in Atlas?

That’s all for this topic, so far :slight_smile: I’ll try and get to my other main game thoughts and post, also.


How about adding a 4th primarch spot. It would be nice to have 2 defense ones out and 2 offense ones out on the map


We need different types of Primes other than what were use too adding a gold tier will be a pain in the pardon buttox / butt too upgrade will cost over 100m gold and 70k diamonds so I recommend no new tier until Gold increase hits rather than do it now.

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Having played during a time where the troop transfer limit was unlimited and it was quite poorly abused by certain individuals, I have to say I am very wary of this suggestion. I’m not going to name players or teams but it was a pretty significant event in beta and I was very happy to see troop transfers limited.


100% I do agree. I played atlas in beta as well. By no means am I saying making it unlimited. But 200/day is also completely useless ya know? I’d be curious how many people even use that feature or if it’s just wasting space so to speak.


for the 3rd issue: power creep primarchs, I think I came up with solutions for it : Daily limited time primarch power bonus.

That is also a well presented post. Two points I’d like to make on it:

  1. The bloodlust and dragon killer states I feel could be easily implemented already. If they were presented as an alternative to the current season bonus. Your daily activity earns you a stat boost.

  2. Stat boosts like this do help bridge single tier gaps and sometimes 2 tier gaps but when venturing that far across tiers, it is, IMO, a step away from balance. Very similar to how controversy surrounds certain dragons capable of flying way above their tier * cough* Hau cough
    I feel that stemming systemic power increases (which is a power creep) is better than trying to correct for them after the fact.

My thoughts here tie into a different part of my post where the power creep can be circumvented entirely if primarchs of different abilities were introduced to increase the diversity of primarch types rather than just pure stat increases.

I hope you get the opportunity to discuss your ideas in greater details :slight_smile:


Raid buttons for all pvp.
Especially temple guardians in TR. It is so boring to do them repetitively.


This was my idea - having dragons hatch at the highest level allowed by your base’s infrastructure to make them viable straight out of the egg


On Temple Raid, actually make the target land exactly on an island

Allow us to purchase monthly Atlas Elite prior to previous month ending


On top of that, plz make atlas elite 5 or 10$ a month, 20 is too expensive (yes, I know how big the benefits that are granted by atlas elite are).


And also, stop with the prize inflations or at least increase the prizes we earn through every event by a significant amount

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Why not give surprises to people who play on iPhone too like the ones who play on samsung? I suggest the surprise dragon to be in the purple tier, and NOT Dioskuri. :joy:


Just fix the game

Why?? The game is good enough though it does have a little lag, but it’s good enough for me! It’s time to give some real suggestions.

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