Weakened fort prizing


They removed the mythic glyph from the event prizing @PGCrisis @Arelyna


Also @PGChocolate and @PGRocket


They removed the epic as well

It goes



This is a known issue where we’re accidentally giving the same reward (rune/glyph) twice. We plan to compensate everyone who’s obtained this prize with the correct rune/glyph after the event concludes.

Go back to Runes in event prizes in place of Glyphs!
PG screw uped in event prizes

UPDATE: We will be distributing the Rune prizes that were incorrectly doubled in the last Fort event today. Please keep an eye on your account to see the changes appear.


will it come as a compensation pack or just added to inventory ?


I’m not sure, honestly. I can double check.


For me it was a gift pack thing in the store, like the bonuses you get when someone buys a pack. :t_rex:



Yay! It’s already distributing!

As seen above, this will be distributed as a gift so you will know when it arrives. :slight_smile:


how many points do u need for mythtic glyph?


8 mil.

Old info, see post below:


Pretty sure it was still 6 mil this fort?

Edit: 6.38m according to WDgeeks, it was 8.5m in the old cadence (and the new new cadence)


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