Weapon range vs Dragon range

One of the things I’ve noticed while attacking but especially while trying to defend - Dragons have a longer ranger than the base weapons do.
Except for the short islands, 3&6, dragons attack and destroy towers before the towers have a chance to fire back.
While I enjoy this when I’m attacking, it does give the attacker a huge advantage and most bases are not defendable. And the event dragons are almost unstoppable against a base around the same level.
Historically, most defensive weapons have a longer range than offensive weapons. It’s the same for some of the game towers, but there are a lot than never get a shot off before their destroyed even using a super shot during an active defense.
Towers should have at least the same range as a (event) dragon and some should be longer than a dragon has. It’s pretty boring to attack a base and cut thru the defenses (approximately the same level) while a challenge is exciting and interesting.

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Attack better, higher level bases.

The towers have different ranges, though I think the only way this is exposed in-game is through the attack arc shown when you move them around on your base.

The bases that are not defendable are just poorly build or don’t have high enough gear. Period.

My base can kill dragons 1 and sometimes even 2 tiers higher than me. Looks pretty defendable to me.

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Logically, someone with lots of dragons will use all of them simultaneously, not one by one :woman_shrugging:
Seriously, it’s one dragon against many towers, plus dragons “only” move forward…

Bases typically need a defender or two to shoot down dragons…but competently defended good bases should be able to bring down most dragons their tier.

Don’t forget that it’s a single dragon against potentially 40+3 damage dealing spots, too.

The dragons that can’t fly though a base that are 1 or 2 tiers lower are just not flown well enough or don’t have high enough gears, period.


As much as I would love to own one or six of those UBER cannon from Temple Raid and send a wall of cannon balls from over the horizon, I don’t wish to face them when I am attacking.

As others have said, towers do have different ranges and having your base soloed undefended or by a much higher tier is just life in WD.

Defended is another story all together, defended smartly even more so. You’d be surprised how a base can be defended poorly by just dumping random SS before you even know what dragon is coming. Cav even can do quite a lot for folks who just blindly SS mage towers.

Many don’t learn their team mate’s bases and how to defend them properly either. As you progress I believe it is your responsibility to build a base that is defendable and learn how to defend your teammates.


Only 2 islands actually provide a “kill island” - 3 & 6. The 2 short islands.
The long islands seldom bring down a dragon unless someone is attacking above their level.
4 & 5 are mostly used as a rage trap which helps #3 island.
Once someone gets past #3, very, very seldom does anything on #2 stop them. The farms, if built up, makes it very difficult to finish a base unless you use something like Ember.
And my base is built with stopping dragons and does a great job if someone is actively defending and does a pretty good job if no one is there.

There are interesting synergies in a middle long setup. Like making the first half so difficult for a dragon that the second half kills it

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Assumption. Islands 4 and 5 are good if you have more than 5 defense towers maxed for your level. A good example would be bases making the climb to 300, where well-built bases cannot have towers exceeding level 60, and must have 6-7 of them to reach 300. In that case, spreading the damage over a long island is a much better idea than only using 5/7 of those towers.

I won’t deny that my personal preference still lies with island 3, though. :sweat_smile:

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I moved to the middle long this event… No regrets :smiley:

I have the random two ice turrets on island 1 to hopefully boost my bases’ hp up enough that if an attacker kills everything up to the farms and perch on island 3 they won’t be at 99% yet :sweat_smile:


:thinking: Ooh, smart. pulls out ten ballistae

Only downside is then you’d get “kill ballista” missions :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You mean an invader run? :running_woman:

With what level my base is at I might have to level up the pathetic ballista in my storage more :joy::joy: I’d hate to do that. If I need more towers, I’ll throw a couple of fire turrets that are in the 20-30 level range up there too. The base “el3m3ntal” is perfect for missions that need elemental towers :innocent:

Edit: Turns out I need a few more towers…

Setting up a base is all over the forums. And many don’t read the forums. A level 150 should have more than 5 mil defense rating. :joy:

But the point of this thread was the weapon range vs dragon range. The game favors the attacker with dragon range and that doesn’t take into account the “summon dragon” spell or the AOE spells that can be cast at the top of the screen.
Flacks have a very short range but are very powerful. No problem.
Most of the other weapons don’t have a range to hit a dragon before the dragon can hit them.
And without going into upgrade mode, there is no way to see the weapon range.

Also, there’s more towers than dragons. I like the current ranges; they keep things interesting.

Dragon vs. undefended base: dragon is favoured.
Dragon vs defended base: base is favoured

Other factors include tower/dragon tier, and gear.

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Average base against average dragons.
Strong base against strong dragons.

Don’t use average base against optimal dragons as comparison.

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Sorry, but it doesn’t matter how strong a base is or isn’t. On a long run, very few weapons have the rage to hit a dragon even with a super shot.
And then you mix the event dragons in and it becomes almost impossible to defend unless the person is hitting above their level.

It absolutely does matter. My 320 base drops lvl 360-400 Vanguard flyers on a regular basis, and even the occasional Empyrean. Those are not great flyers of course, but a lot of people aren’t, especially the ones hitting 40+ levels down.

Equal level dragons almost never get through defended unless they are excellent pilots.

As an attacker the difference is significant as well. There are plenty 400s out there that I five flame with ease, and there are 300s that I won’t even touch when there are troops on the line.

Base strength matters, and if it feels like your base couldn’t stop anything you just need a better base.