Web page busy? Weird message

is anyone else getting this weird message:

I haven’t gotten it. What were you doing that triggered it? Did you try to access the forums from in game?

It happened after an event attack a few times.

This is happening since 3 months or even more on pvp events. Guess what Pg doesnt care.

Now it appears less, but still too many times

Hmm, since this appeared after event attacks, this makes me wonder what sort of device you are using. I’ve never run in to a screen like that on my main account (played on a 10.5” model iPad Pro) or on my alt account (played on an iPhone SE). Is it an android issue?

Is your storage almost full?

That message has been around for years and occurs when there is a connection problem.

I also wonder what kind of crappy coding PG uses when they refer to aspects of the game as “web pages”

That’s what confused me

A lot of mobile apps are just light wrappers around websites, and I’m pretty sure war dragons event screens are like that, maybe armory and research too. The 500 Server Error response that occasionally replaces of the whole event panel is a clue. They’re also slow to enter and exit on my devices, which I figure to be browser switching cost, but could be poorly performing remote services.

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