Week 10 Lotusbloom - FIGHT PITS - event of the week

I am surprised to see pits as well , @PoseidonPQ I will be stealing your pics every week for the forum post lol , unless u ban me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Festive coming this week , but who needs a festive after mystery branch :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice week everyone

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They should rename this event “Well, at least it isnt Kingdom Wars”.

Im not a fan but at least it’s no KW


Did pg want to change kingdom war? Maybe with feeding event.
Mega pit here i …

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I was pretty sure it was the Kingdom “Mega” wars but a little glad it’s the pits which I also despise btw lol… can we have temple raid instead :grin::grin:

Hopefully this isn’t just another re-ordering of things to avoid giving us TR during discount period…


should be temple raid next. if they didn’t switch, temple raid would have been first event of next season and they don’t want that :thinking:

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well it “should” be temple raid during discount, but like last time it was supposed to fall that way i wouldn’t be shocked if they decide to fck everyone over again under the guise of “wanting to give the players TR to end the season so they can get the sigils they need” like they did last time


Oh wow now that you mention it, they’ll probably do Mega Wars on discount :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2: Classic


just curious the reason behind the change as it should’ve been kw. :man_shrugging:t2:

maybe they’re tweaking KW and it’s not ready yet… maybe…

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that’s a big maybe. :sweat_smile:

I bet it is

My guess is maybe they will do Kingdom Wars as the last event of the season so that only the people who still need sigils will have to do it.

Although I’m afraid Cheeky is right, I vote for you as the new WD event planner. I can’t wait for your warrior event !!

Wallet wars and Money pits are bottomless, my bet is that one of these two will be during discount.

Why limit people with waiting for Gustav islands to reopen or TR to recharge

My guess is that they dont want FP, which is one of their 2 mega coin heavy events to be during super sigil chests. There isnt much reason for people to burn rss and splooge out mega coins for better prizes when there are sigil chests.

I was surprised they wasted gauntlet at the end of last season

Is it me, or are the points needed for individual prizes and team prizes cut in half!!??
What am I missing?

If this is true, then :sunglasses:

Nope been this way since first round of pits

It’s just you. Points are the same as always

I got mixed up with gauntlet.:man_facepalming: