Weekly Forums Contest: Lore

Alright Folks, here’s week 3/3 for this series of contests. As a reminder we have had the art and spell set contests the two previous weeks. Our dragon is almost done (no, it will not be coming to the game) but needs the final touches added. What are the final touches, you say? Why, lore, of course! No dragon is complete without their history, what drives them, who they are.

So here’s your task for this week- from NOW to next Friday (7/23) at 4pm est- is to create lore for us, create a story for us, finish our dragon’s creation.

As a reminder, here is what we have so far-

Name: Kallisto
Description: The moon’s shadow light
Class: Hunter
Element: Wind

Spell Set

Lunar Cycle|Passive
Spell cycles between New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Third Quarter every 6 seconds.

  • New Moon: Dragon gains has 100% increased rage generation for 6 seconds.
  • First Quarter: Whenever a spell is used during the 6 second period, dragon gains 2% of its modified HP and 0.25 Rage.
  • Full Moon: Dragon has 200% increased breath damage.
  • Third Quarter: Dragon heals for 7% of its modified HP every 2 seconds.

Moon Rise|Active|Blue|1 Rage
Dragon gains a shield that blocks all damage and mage super shots. When the shield expires, rage marks are applied to nearby towers that restore 0.5 rage when destroyed. 4 second duration, 1 second cooldown, no cooldown if canceled or broken.

Lunar Eclipse|Active|White|2 Rage
Dragon slows to 25% speed and cloaks. During the cloak, dragon can use spells and breath attacks without breaking the cloak. Lunar Cycle’s duration is frozen while the dragon is cloaked but the effect is still active and once the cloak ends the duration will continue. 3 second duration, no cooldown.

Moon Light|Active|White|0 Rage
Damages dragon for 8% of its modified HP and reloads all hunter ammo. Dragon’s breath damage is increased by 150% for 2 seconds. Switches to Moon Shadow after the breath amp runs out.

Moon Shadow|Active|White|0 Rage
Consumes all hunter ammo and heals based off the ammo consumed. Dragon gains 1 rage on cast. No cooldown. Then switches to Moon Light.

Weekly Forums Contest: Design a Dragon (Spell Set)

Thank you to @Jalen for being our community judge for this event!


Hmm, Jalen is the judge?

Lore: I like turtles :turtle:


Good luck everyone! :green_heart:

I’m looking forward to the next weekly forums contests. Any hints yet? :face_with_monocle:


Perhaps it will be suggestions to keep a 6 and 8 year old entertained.

I’m joking… mostly.

Next week I’m planning to do a caption contest (similar to those I’ve run on Dragon Buddy) to give y’all an easy week where a lot of people should feel comfortable participating.

Previous Caption Contest Example


What fun! :green_heart:
Dragon Buddy? Is it on IG? :thinking:

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Dear, @Jalen

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what are the criterion you would be considering for the “Lore” writing contest this week? Do you have any specifics? Things to avoid, technical writing wise? What would interest you most, as a judge? Or, you’d like to be surprised? Any tips? TIA! :green_heart: :relaxed:


Dragon Buddy is somewhat of an assistant messenger on Line. You send it a command for help and it automatically answers. It is similar to a bot, and it is a tool created by Creators Faction member, Instagram user WarDragons_FlamingStarr (whom I just discovered to be Flame through a quick forum search).


I don’t think it matters. One thing I would advise, though, if you don’t know how to approach creating your lore, is to view past lores and see how those were created. This will at least give you a bit of insight as to how you should go about creating your own. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: A lore is basically just telling a story. If you’ve had experience writing stories (I have), the lore should be a walk in the park. Think of anything that may connect to the dragon. Those are my tips.


Okay, thanks! I just thought I’d ask so we increase our chance of winning. Lolss Like some of us may prefer to write our lores in lengthy paragraphs, but you’d prefer short ones. Something like that. :green_heart:


Kallisto was a mystical dragon, largely unheard of but for a few passages in old scrolls kept by scholars from the North. Hidden from all others on the dark side of the moon, Kallisto was brought to the realm of Dragon Lords by the power of the strange eclipse and the promise of celestial visitors in her lonely life. Arriving in the shadowy forests of atlas, Kallisto began to grow in power as the moon waxed and waned, fueling strange cosmic spells. Mastering the power of her old home Kallisto has left the forests with the promise of a meaning to her lonely existence. Kallisto is on a quest for knowledge and purpose. You would do well to stay away, lest you invoke the rage of the moon and the dragon who commands it’s power.


In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where Kallisto spent most of its days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of dragons who were up to no good
Started making trouble in Kallisto’s neighborhood
He got in one little fight and his mom got scared
She said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’


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was in space ,where a star exploded and star dust reached the moon ,it scattered and after a few million years of exploding stars ,a lot of star dust was piled in the biggest crater on the moon ,and that dust transformed into an egg. After a week the egg hatched and out came Kallisto the moon’s shadow light dragon, kallisto lived on the moon for a long time and had learned alot by himself. When time came ,he wanted to leave the moon and go to a more exiting place ,so he did, guided by the stars he flew until he reached a blackhole .He tried his best not to get sucked into the blackhole but he failed .The journey through the blackhole was extraordinary and colorful. When he reached the end of the blackhole he found himself in a strange place where he saw other dragons being rid by brave riders ,he was in The World of the Dragon Lords. He was found by a brave, wise man called Orin. Orin tamed him and took care of him. Kallisto lived happily ever after ,destroying enemy’s bases.


Scavenging the bones of the fallen, kallisto adds to its collection that it stitches to its body. He/she (don’t know what it is) can handle all terrains because of its exploration of planets. Kallisto finds a strange rip in space, curiosity got the better of him. moments later he/she found them self in a strange dimension. It lost all its power and was left in dust until a brave flyer came. The dragon lord spotted him and brought him back to his base to help it recover its strength and take over the world again….


Kallisto - Back Story / Lore

Kallisto’s smooth scales glistened in the silken moonlight as a cool autumn breeze caused condensation to form on her lips.

Tonight her talons clenched with rage, drawing small pools of blood on both paws as her amber eyes squared off in quiet contemplation.

It was time. She raised both wings buffeting snow from the oak tree near her, its bark still gently charred black from her sons final breath.

Kallisto’s tail angrily cracked into the ground sending a shudder through the forest. Silvermoon Keep home to Bane WrymSlayer lay ahead, his pungent scent already tormenting Kallisto’s nostrils…

Inside Silvermoon Keep, Bane raised another pint of ale, the contents cascaded mostly down his worn tunic. His cruel beady eyes gawked at his guests as he stroked his oily beard.

In the center of Banes’s hall soft moonlight gently caressed a silver dragon no larger than a horse, he had been dragged and left in a crumbled heap on the cold stone floor. Multiple wounds lined his frail body which was now soaked in thick blood.

Around the room scores of villagers laughed and danced around the dragon celebrating their victory. A small band blared rowdy music as the stench of uncooked lamb and urine filled the room.

“My leige” yelled baron Veson, “where do you want this trophy hung?” Bane motioned to a spot just left of his throne with a now empty mug.

Veson unsheathed his broadsword and lined up the dragons head. “This will make a fine trophy” he muttered to himself as his thick muscles raised the sword into the air…

Suddenly the hall trembled as massive stone blocks were discarded like pebbles. Kallistos tail smashed Veson like a rag doll into the now shocked crowd.

“Full moon” radiated through the windows. “I knew you wouldn’t be too far away Kallisto” Bane screamed as he loaded a poisoned bolt into his crossbow, without hesitation he launched the projectile towards Kallisto’s throat.

In time she raised her right wing to shield the shot, it pierced through tearing some of the silken fibers.

“Third quarter” she quickly cast to eradicate some of the poison that was already coursing through her veins.

Bane loaded another bolt into his crossbow his face twisted in laughter. Again he fired. This time too slow as Kallisto’s talon parried it effotlesly into the floor.

Rich flame erupted from her jaws engulfing Bane, his seared flesh melted from his bones as he collapsed to the floor…

While revenge felt sweet Kallisto’s pain lingered on and she yearned for even more blood, tonight was just the beginning!


Dragon Buddy is my main Creator’s Faction contribution. It is a help bot on line that I try to fill with info players can access quickly and easily with a couple commands.

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Thankss! I’ll try it on LINE. :green_heart:

Edit: Added Dragon Buddy! Cool stuff! I will explore it over the weekend. :relaxed:

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Love dragon buddy!


Okay trying to keep it short & simple. Here’s a rough draft of my “Lore” entry for this week’s forums contest. :green_heart: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The Moon’s Shadow Light

Long before, “omens of destructions” as believed, people of the Windblown Shroud would burn the crossbreeds between men and beasts—a fate Kallisto could not escape. And now, after so many years, she rises again, reborn from the ashes of a spurning society, carrying her antique sorrows—a silvery moon dragon! She has come back with the undead, to hunt and feast on anyone’s shadows, fears and fragility, collecting soul after soul the offspring of the land that had once rejected her.


Kinda crazy that we both interpreted Kallisto as having had a rough life filled with sorrow / pain !