Weekly Ledger for the Previous Week?

@PGDave Could we have a weekly ledger for the previous week? Unless it’d make the server explode :see_no_evil:

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Haha, I don’t expect it’d make the server explode, but we better fix the other explosions first!


my suggestion is to show the negative (in red) ammount next to the teammates name when transfers go straight from the bank to their storage. it shows this when an officer or leader takes/moves rss. wld be alot nicer to keep track of deposits/withdrawls for each individual better if we can see both totals. or somehow hav the amount minused off their weekly total. wld it be possible to implement something along thses lines? @pgdave

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@PGDave, I also feel notations of withdrawls next to each players igns in the banks wld be beneficial, any possible way that cld be done?

That is currently shown

Edit: for clarity, the weekly ledger shows who initiates the withdrawal/transfer. Only certain people can withdraw from banks anyway. If you want to see where they sent it, just look for Red in the main ledger.

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