Weekly raid missions


Weekly raid missions
Hey guys and gals at pg. my name is Kyle or kingdread13 in the war of dragons realm.
I’m writing you guys a letter regarding personal opinions and ideas from fellow teammates and members of our dragon community. This game has a lot of ups and downs sometimes and I know we all look forward to new developments in game and everyone messages about so many random complaints and their personal ideas however this one may interest you all by making war of dragons more fun and addicting and also attract more players to your creation. Now the idea is weekly raid missions or just one mission. The idea of these missions or mission is for players to achieve more loot as well as better rewards for their training dragons. The best part is this can be very competitive as well as separate from all events and wars and can stand apart as something entirely different on its own. I personally have seen you guys bring out “the pits” and “atlas” and yes atlas seems quite fun and I can’t wait till our team makes qualifying credentials to gain access to it as we are currently in platinum 3,but currently weekly raid missions will guarantee more activity,more funds spent,and more new players downloading and playing this game daily. Now I guess the only question would be what rewards and how many to incorporate into the new idea and how often to distribute them and how long they should be available.This game can be so much more than what it is and it can be so much bigger. Go hard or go home. Let’s all have fun once again.


I agree. It would be a lot more fun and addictive


Gonna wait for Princedread13 to weigh in before forming an opinion.


Can you sum it up in one sentence? I’m not reading that wall of text.


Once again, new idea is good but then you try to bring in old stones for extinct dragons which is a big no no. Things that were dead should stay dead


Linking this because it seems related and you could continue the conversation there.

As for stones for previous dragons that’s a firm no from me as well. Let those relics from the past rest in peace.


You had me until you mentioned bringing back old stones…


Good idea, but remove the part about bringing back old divines. Other than that, this is a good concept to bring into the game…but I doubt PG will do it. They can’t even get stuff they have been working year+ on to be implemented into the game yet. I just don’t see this happening.


I suppose other options are up for grabs as well instead of the stones however a lot of players would disagree. But the weekly raid mission would be a good challenge for everyone and could be a lot of fun. Definetly need more loot and better rewards.


There the stone thing has been removed. Now I suppose we can discuss sigil payouts as well as tokens and timers,etc. definetly has to be more for a more challenging event especially considering how it should require team work.


I suggested this in San Francisco. Players in Sapphire & above would be greatly aided by supplemental token income, and more difficult missions done on a weekly basis would be a great way of doing that. They didn’t seem opposed, but who knows if they will actually discuss the idea.


Glad you discussed it in San Fran, however I do not agree with the “Sapphire and above” part. If any new “improvements” roll out, scaling egg tokens, raid missions, etc, they should be for the entire community. If they are limited to the “elite few” they will lose players.

Edit- I’m hoping you meant Sapphire and above dragon tiers, in which case, I do agree with that.


@Jonesy I think this was just a way of saying that people facing the sapphire wall would be the most pleased with this additional bonus, not that they should be limited to higher tier players. It was never implied only elites would benefit it :wink:


Ok, my bad. Unfortunately, since there are two things labeled as Sapphire, it is hard to distinguish between leagues and dragons without context. Maybe add the context, Shadow?


Since tokens were involved, I immediately assumed it was about Dragon tiers, but now I see what you thought too :grin:


I was referring to sapphire tier dragons and above


Yeah, figured that after the fact. Something needs to be done, that wall is real and steep and only gets steeper in later tiers…


Maybe we should use our defensive hammer to break down this wall?


I’d give every hammer I have to get more egg tokens…


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