Weekly Special event packs disappear...... bug/glitch?

First & for most,It comes to my attention once the “daily special offer pack” goes away it also takes the other event “special offer” pacts away for the current live event.

Secondly, this been happening to me & a lot of people the past few weeks. It will show the “special packs” on the treasure hunt & before the event goes live. When the event dose go live it takes away the special packs & we are only left with Non-Relatable pack or two(2).

Finally, I honestly don’t know if this a glitch or a bug going around but I just want you to know Pg about the current situation. Do you want my money?:joy:

Thank you for your time, please if anyone else is having the same problem don’t be afraid to screenshot it & post it here.

That screenshot was taken before the event went live( a few hours ago)

This is usually fixed by deleting and reinstalling. If it doesn’t work, make a ticket :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you.

For my packs back from reinstalling the game, thank you again.

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But I hear some other people reinstalled the game more then 3+ times & nothing.

Hope you leave this topic open for those people still having those problem.

Thanks again.

Do you know if they’re on Android? Some Android devices will keep the install in what’s effectively a recycling bin on the phone. They’d need to check the apps section and then advanced options to clear those out; clearing the cache might also be a good idea. Otherwise, they’d need to put in a ticket about it.

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Honestly I don’t know if they play on a android or not :man_shrugging:t2:

Thank you for your info.

Did you try reinstalling the game?..
I did, an all my packs came back.
Hope that helps.

If not, place a ticket to get the problem resolved :innocent:

I was restarting but that not help…

Unfortunately it’s a bug/glitch going around.

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