Weigh in if you went for days with chest drops

Last event i went for over 24hours without any chest drops. After over 24 hours of sending in a ticket i was finally contacted back. Did anyone else know you had to hit a higher target for chests to drop( invader does not cout apparently). Been back and forth with support with no resolution, sometimes with 1.5 days between responses from support. Some players on my team recieved 0 chests for the whole event. Anyone else experience this?

My invaderbase drops chests just fine.

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Chests been dropping fine for me during event, I usually attack higher levels.

My wife had same issue pg gave her 40 bronze chests and fixed it for a day then went back to dropping no chests again go figure

Yes, you get more loot in general, not just chests when you hit harder bases. Even during non event runs

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The purpose is so that people don’t just farm small players for chests. So you get more shit for hitting higher. Now it’s more or less relevant to the dragons in your roster. So if you were to find a good chest base, whether it’s higher or lower than your level or your main dragons can handle, empty your roster and just run level 1 Ember on the base.

Now it doesn’t sound like that was the issue plaguing you. There was something wrong. Generally an uninstall and reinstall works.

The next part that I say is important.

Never. Ever. Ever. Rely on in game support. They’re clueless. Truly and completely. If you told them to open the game on their phone, Clash of Clans will open every time because those squares really and truly need helmets to function.

Support isn’t capable of providing adequate solutions in a decent time span.

Good luck.

Yes, same problem here! I contacted support, but nobody answered me! Now the ticket is just vanished…
But I got a hint of another player to completely delete the game & reinstall it. What could I say, it worked!
But now everything‘s a little slower then it was before, e.g. attacking downloads files …

its downloading textures and stuff since you did a reinstall.

for the ticket, Jared said they had 1.9K tickets+ so it takes time to get a response.

If you searched the forums you would have found this advice too. I personally typed it several times. It’s unfortunate but that’s why we’re here, to help each other.

In fairness to support and as being an IT guy for many years, to diagnose a problem, you have to start on one end and follow specific steps. Even as I told folks to clear their app data and cache PRIOR to uninstalling and re-installing the game, several just said “it didn’t work”, or “I did that”.

I get it’s frustrating but that’s computers. Could the code be cleaned up, most likely, but the support folks aren’t the software engineers, they are just trying to help you get back in the game so to speak.

They said “I already did”, but they didn’t do it because they are lazy or too angry to do it and want the IT to just do it.

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Yes and many get insulted when you ask the really “simple” questions but often times it is the simple things and if you skip over covering those, then you spend too much time thinking it’s something more than it ever was.

I understand being told to re-boot, uninstall, etc… seems like a cop-out but it often is the best short term solution to clear things up.

It wasn’t the point that I didn’t want to do that (reinstall), I was afraid of loosing my account… was the first time I did it & hadn’t even had a pocket id before… :joy::upside_down_face:

there must be a problem with the ticket system! My ticket isn’t there anymore & I know that I always get an answer of them - this is the first time, I didn’t get a response at all! Today I wanted to create another ticket which didn’t work & I got an error message…
So maybe that’s the same problem they didn’t answer… :thinking::man_shrugging:

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PG had a very busy few days and rubies instead of chests wasn’t a big problem at the time for them. I had the same issue and it took them a day or so to get back to me… reinstalled the game and it worked fine.
I asked if I could replace the rubies I dropped with chests and they said I earned 470 rubies and gave me 47 bronzies back.
However after 3-4 days of event runs I reckon I would have had 200-300 drops of rubies meaning 3-4000 rubies … I really need the healing pots! But all good I’m not gonna worry about it any further

I haven’t received a single chest since season start.
Solution of only by attacking higher level doesn’t give anything else but rubies.
I have thoug recovered about 100 times of rubies but really not the same value as equal 100 chests.

Read the reply to your other post. Between events we ALL get rubies.

Beyond that, despite you thinking “it doesn’t work” clear your app data and your app cache, uninstall the game and reinstall the game if you are NOT getting chests once the breeding event starts in about 9 hours or so.

Make sure you have a pocket ID so you don’t lose your game progress.

Already done that… during last event … not helping there.
But I’ll faithfully try again … though hopes are low.

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