Weird bug during events

I’ve had this bug 4 times this event, plus once during the last one.

Chest drops stop and are replaced by drops of 10 rubies. Plus, in this event, the doubled egg quest rewards revert to the standard amounts.

Closing/reopening the game won’t fix things. I’ve had to delete/reinstall each time. I’ve lost out on egg tokens through not noticing the bug until after completing quests, plus I’ve lost out on a ton of chests.

I’ve logged a ticket. But seeing as the last 3 I logged were closed without reply, I thought I’d post here too!

Answer here

This seems to be an android solution. There is no “app manager” option in Apple. I expect there is an equivalent, but I can’t find it. Any ideas?

I didn’t knew those rubies replaced chests drops happened to me most of the time, I thought it was like that for others too. Although I did loose 10-15 chests which I tried to open but didn’t get anything due to connection problems also I have iPhone

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