Weird food combos you eat that others think is disgusting


I have a couple 1st cinnamon graham crackers with a slice of block cheese dipped in coffee 2nd is hot Cheetos with mustard on them
3rd bacon with tartar sauce 4th McDonald’s burritos dipped in the ranch sauce 5th McDonald’s nuggets with a slice of pickle dipped in signature sauce last is the Chow mein noodles with A1steak sauce

These are mines what are your weird food combinations


Those last few don’t sound as bad… but like you know I gotta say it

pineapple pizza
Refuses to list anything else cuz I do some weird shit


I eat pine apple pizza so nobody would eat my pizza


At my school, I used to put my steak and bread in my gravy chopped up(with my fork) and people said that was wierd
I also would sometime put my steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and spaghetti when we had that, in my bread like a sandwich. People also said that was wierd


One of my favorite “weird food combos” is a sandwich made with the following ingredients.

  1. Potato bread
  2. Skippy creamy peanut butter (a generous layer on both pieces of bread)
  3. A single layer of the Claussen Kosher dill sandwich slices pickles (there must be enough pickle slices added to completly cover one of the pieces of bread from outer edge to outer edge)

It is surprisingly good. The pickles add a nice bit of crunch to the sandwich, along with some much needed moisture since there is so much peanut butter :yum:


That’s a thing?!


Yeah I eat it


I like it better than generic white bread :woman_shrugging:


Really can’t tell the difference imo


One is white, the other is golden and made using potatoes :rofl:


I feel I’ve eaten that before, if not, would you mind making some for me?:joy:


My weirdest combo is simply sweet cake (like spekkoek or mandarin cake) filled with chilli flakes…

Really good to have during rainy season.


This is a traditional dish from my country: pork, potatoes and clams.


Ya had me until you put clams


:joy: I’m just messing with you liz, I actually ate potato bread my entire childhood… I don’t really eat bread anymore at all though


Actually, I have a friend who loves pickles, this sounds like something she’d do :joy: I used to do peanut butter and honey, and add in some honey roasted peanuts


I made this topic because I was eating hot Cheetos and mustard I just wondered if others had same kind of weird foods they eat


Cereal with water instead of milk
Dunking the croissant in the tea(heard it’s simply not done🤷‍♂️)
Pineapple on pizza
Avacado spinach shake
Nutella with apples
Cheese with apples
Nutella with bananas
Milk with Nutella
Hot dogs and mayonnaise
Mayonnaise and fries
I didn’t think any of these were weird until my friends gave me the eye🤷‍♂️


Turkey sandwich with peanut butter
Noodles and eggs with salted crackers
And other things I forgot, lol


:flushed: Eh, all of these are weird?