Weird food combos you eat that others think is disgusting


I think cereal with water is a bit odd… And the avacado spinach shake… (I’m not overly fond of spinach.) The rest seem perfectly normal to me though.


Finally some sane people


Sandwich made of yesterday’s pasta applies?


I like sweet potatoes with soy sauce but I’m not sure if that’s wierd because everyone in my family eats them.


Female human + chocolate


Waffle with 2 eggs over easy on top. Put on the butter and syrup then bust the yolks. Good stuff!


Not regular food people it’s stuff that you eat that others find weird and/gross to eat


Cannibalism is wrong


All of these after the shake are delicious.

I like the spicy mayo normally served with sushi on my eggs in the morning.


Illegal, maybe. Wrong…that’s up to the culture.


It’s amazing! I use to wake up at the middle of the night and if I want to eat fast I can just put banana in Nutella and eat it,lol


Do you not have tastebuds or?


Last weird thing which I tried was salted peanuts,covered by honey
Very weird taste for me (we don’t eat peanut butter here🙀 I’ve thats why)


Potato bread sammich with sour cream, hot dogs, cheese and occasionally pickles. Yum!


In several south American countries there is this caramel made of milk (Dulce de Leche, actually created in Argentina :eyes:) very very sweet, that we use with banana. Well, some of us, the ones that like extremely sweet things.

Edit: and yes, I used to do the same as you


I mean when there isn’t milk and I want cereal what am I supposed to do? Not eat cereal?! Preposterous…and it actually doesn’t taste that bad…it’s a unique taste🤔


Oooh! And my kid loves weird sammich which she created by herself
White bread,honey on it and sliced bananas on top


If I’m out of milk and want to eat cereal I just look forlornly at the cereal and find something else to eat :rofl: though depending on the type of cereal, I might eat it dry :eyes:


When I get the urge to eat cereal…I must have it!
Cinnamon toast crunch and Cheerios work best in water…also those corn puffs


So good, I like honey roasted peanutz