Weird food combos you eat that others think is disgusting


Ooh! Actually I totally forgot that we have a lot of gross looking salads in my country :joy_cat: but it actually pretty nice!
One is kinda traditional for the new year and contains : potato,onion,eggs,salted cucumbers,meat or sausages,canned peas and all this dressed by mayo and must stay in fridge for a few hours.


100% this. But it has to be like, Hellmans or Best Foods. None of that weird Miracle Whip stuff.

Also, this seems to be weird depending on locale: peanut butter and maple syrup on pancakes or waffles. YUM.


Wait what? Who can think that mayonaisse with fries is weird or doesnt like it??? That’s weird people


Is it weird I eat fries with mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together?


Fries dipped in milkshake /soft serve ice cream is definitely w̶e̶i̶r̶d̶ DELICIOUS.

Also, chocolate milk with a pinch of salt.


Miracle Whip DOES NOT equal mayonnaise. The two are NOT interchangable. Miracle whip is overly sweet and I find it utterly revolting :face_vomiting:


No, it’s not weird at all :hugs:


I AGREE! And yet you have no idea how many times I have asked for mayonnaise somewhere and been served MIRACLE WHIP. :face_vomiting::sob: It’s a cruel, cruel world for fries.


This one time I went over to my grandma’s for lunch and we were doing sandwiches. I’m all “can I have mayo” and turns out all she had was miracle whip :expressionless: I ended up using a savory cream cheese on the sandwich instead.


I really like Mayonnaise on my hot dogs.


My weird food was actually inspired by someone else.

It’s a type of hot chocolate. First you cram as many mini marshmallows as you can into your mug. Then you heat up some baking chocolate (you can sweeten it if you want, but I prefer unsweetened), and pour it into your mug about 1/4 of the way full. Finally, instead of milk, I heat up the syrup. At this point, the marshmallows are semi-dissolved, so I stir with a fork instead of a spoon. My sister prefers hers with honey added to the mix, but I find it overpowers all the flavor. There are several other variants in my family.


Not at all, or we are both weird :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:
Edit : didn’t see Liz answered first


Hot chips dipped in a chocolate sundae


Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was on a dare (little me had no lunch money): snickers bar with margarine and honey mustard and honey bbq sauce. It actually wasn’t too bad

Edit: Oh, you mean on a regular basis. I would say popcorn with M&M or fries with vanilla milkshake or mayo/ketchup. I also put a little salt in my coffee, when I do drink it


pickles at movie theaters
Jalapeño potato chips
Jalapeño poppers
Armadillo eggs

Shoot northern players give me a hard time for southern food…


Well, that’s just rude. Although, I will concede chitterlings are just strange all around. But jalapeno chips, jalapeno poppers, and armadillo eggs? Those are the bomb dot com


Do northern people know about crawfish?
Or Cajun food


Mashed potatoes with ketchup o. o


That is nasty but I hate tomatoes with a lot of sugar #ketchup


its like eating french fries with ketchup, french fries are also potatoes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: