Weird food combos you eat that others think is disgusting


Do you eat spicy ketchup?
I only eat spicy ketchup from what-a-burger… no other ketchup


Nope don’t think i ever had spicy ketchup


Or pickles with red pepper flakes?


How about this?


Pickles with red pepper flakes


Dunno, but I love me some boudin :yum:


What about a bag of hot Cheetos with the top cut off… nacho cheese Sause poured on them and optional jalapeños to top them off?


Just ate some tonight


Hot cheetos with ranch dip mix in sour cream is prettu legit



I actually have spicy bourbon pickles


“Dunking the croissant in the tea”, I do too, and not only in tea. I always sink cakes, cookies, bread or others dry pastries in whatever warm drink I got. Last experience was a carrot cake in a mocha coffee topping caramel sauce…

Cereal with water, I didn’t try but first time in japan, I mistaked milk with a type of drink they have here, called “calpis”, that’s was a weird taste. Another time I run out of milk, but didn’t want to walk 5min (go and back) to the near konbini so I used a drink flavored strawberry milk…

When I was child, I loved eat a baguette with Nutella and a old “camembert” cheese…
When my great grandmother found out, she was shocked. My mom was “oh well”.

P. S. : By the way, here (japan) you can buy fries with chocolate sauce in some fast food chain…
But if you ask for mayonnaise, they look at you weirdly :woman_shrugging:t2:


oh yes, I occasionally grab a box and have it as a snack :see_no_evil:


I put a pinch of salt in my yogurt :yum:


Ketchup and syrup with French toast. Ketchup has to go on first tho then syrup or else that ketchup won’t stick to the toast.


Peanut butter was a staple ingredient in our house so weird combos were inevitable,
Sandwiches made with:
Peanut butter and Rogers syrup (dad)
Peanut butter and microwaved egg :nauseated_face: (my sister)
Peanut butter and Mayonnaise (the real thing not miracle whip poison me)
Peanut butter and dill pickles (all of us ):grin:
Then odd one out
White bread with peeled orange segments and onion slices (my mom) :woman_shrugging:t2: Actually doesn’t taste to bad


Does putting in raw garlic to every sidedish counts? :eyes:
I mean garnished raw garlic…


I have read so many delicious - and not weird the least - combos. Now I share my childhood favourite, that I still love and have quite regularly:

Mix unsalted butter and honey, so you get a nice golden white cream
Spread it on a slice of bread
Top it with a nice slice of ham.
Optional: 1 slice of emmental cheese.


Pickles and peanut butter? What the hell. I have to try this :joy:



False report