Weird food combos you eat that others think is disgusting


Uh uh…don’t trust your food preferences for sure :joy_cat:


That’s not really all that odd since salt is a “spice” that enhances flavors.

(The reason I put spice in quotes is because—at least for me—I typically don’t think of salt as a spice :sweat_smile: Salt is salt :woman_shrugging:)


Yay! Another peanut butter and pickle (has to be with the dill pickles though!) sandwich fan! :raised_hands::partying_face:


Yes!!! :raised_hands:t3: :yum:
People don’t know what they are missing and Definitely has to be Dill Pickles!!! Your description of how to make it is pretty much exactly how mine must be made!!!


My wife said how dare you disrespect a sundae


I just want to know what’s up with peanut butter and pickles yo


Are we all waiting @PGJared contribution to the topic?

We are all waiting @PGJared contribution to the topic


What does he Has as a weird food combination he eats


C’mon I know there’s gotta be more people with crazy food eats


Looks like cauliflower to me


There’s some in there, but not traditionally. There’s only a few :joy:


Looks delicious BTW


Thank you :hugs:

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