Weird new chest, is it worth it?

So I recently found this chest in the store and it says that it is irresistible but really is it worth it. I might not be seeing it but I don’t think that this offer is too appealing. I love the idea of adding special sales for special holidays (which I have been supporting ever since) but this chest just doesn’t stand out to me. Anyone else have a different opinion?

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Looks much better than this one. :eyes:

Sorry you have to math better buddy

Dude, 40 inner fire for $100 versus 100 inner fire for $100.

There are other things in the packs than IF

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Ok so lets compare just one item in the packs hahahaha

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IF >>>> rubies and gold chests. Ok gotcha :+1:

And this folks is why PG offers different packs. It’s because some people can’t maths properly and spend more money on less useful items


Can only buy it the once.

Something in that Festive pack that you don’t need? :smirk:

Yeah it’s missing 1000 rubies compared to the larger pack (scaled down) lol

That didn’t answer my question … what in that pack don’t ya need? Either way, it’s good deal else there wouldn’t be a limit of one purchase.

The “only 1 available” makes you think that’s a great deal but… it’s just marketing don’t fall for this bad offer

It is a horrible pack.

True. But inner fire spells are rare enough to be worth $1 a piece. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

We’re all giving you advices here but it’s your money after all…

I only spend on the elite account. My thinking is why use rubies to redeem for chests in hopes of getting IF when you can get it straight off. Gold chests is similar to a slot machine. You never know what ya gonna get … I’d rather be sure.

OK lets break it down then.

Carnival Pack
Sigils - Not very useful in the grand scheme of things
Rune Dust - Not enough to be worthwhile at all
Rubies - Most Valuable
Inner Fires - Meh could use them, but an energy pack would give you 4x inner fires worth of points so :man_shrugging:

Conquerer Pack
Rubies - Most valuable
Inner Fires - Meh could use them, but an energy pack would give you 4x inner fires worth of points so :man_shrugging:
Energy Packs - very useful
Gold Chests - very useful

So we can compare a few things here:

  1. Rubies : Rubies
    Carnaval pack = 250 Rubies/$1
    Conquerer pack = 350 Rubies/$1

Conquerer pack has a 40% better value on rubies and wins no questions asked

  1. Event items
    Lets break it down into generic event points that you could possibly obtain by using the items.
    Let’s assume in a general sense that each run is worth 100 points. This can be arbitrarily any value, but let’s use that since it’s a pretty easy number to work with.

Carnaval pack gives you 10 inner fires, so 10x100 = 1,000 event points for $10, or 100 event points/$1

Conquerers pack gives you 25 energy packs which you can use over the course of 3 days for 100 energy, 100 energy, and then 48 energy with 1 pack left over (10, 10, 1/1/2). This 248 energy divided by 4 energy per run gets you an additional 62 attacks, or 6,200 event points. Add this to the 40 inner fires and voila, you get 10,000 event points for $100. This also works out to 100 event points/$1.

So these are to be considered EQUAL.

  1. Other
    You can assign whatever value you want to these. I prefer gold chests over sigils and dust but hey maybe that is just me.

So what we are comparing here is a 40% greater ruby plus gold chests in exchange for sigils and dust…

Take your pick, it’s your money buddy

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:thinking:. I like your maths … you’ve made believer out of me. Thanks bud. :rose:

Welcome, glad i could clear up the thinking we have on it :slight_smile:

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