Weird timer / diamond mismatch bug?

One thing that I have always found odd is that when I expedite a primarch or a tower there is a big disconnect between the cost to speed up using timers vs diamonds or rubies.


Why does it cost so many more diamonds to speed up something that has less time to upgrade?

11h42 to complete 495 diamonds
12h42 to complete 270 diamonds

That’s why

edit: nicely explained by Morreion


Thanks I haven’t seen that post before

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Tbh. This should be looked at by PG. I actually never noticed this before as i just click to finish and done pay attention to the cost. So wonder how many diamonds I’ve wasted :thinking:


Ah always wondered why tf that was

@PGGalileo something you could look into about why its like this pls? And if its fixable or done on purpose?

Closed per OP