Weird visual glitch


@PGJared teammate having an issue.


I’ve had this one, restart the device, all will be well again.


Hrm… The ol’ invisible dragon breeding ritual, eh?

(A hard reset should fix it. If not please have them contact support.)


What are the hearts?


Lovely eggs?


I got that today, did a hard reset, and lost my part of my progress without the ability to recovery the lost rubies, eggs, etc

Quick message off to the Help Desk got the situation resolved, but I seem to have this issue every breed event


@Lx460 I’d assume artifacts of the original coding, I kinda like the “emerald hearts”


Had those before, even showed as shards instead of food and lumber for rss transfer. Was a data issue for me, from tryna record an attack and getting the storage full popup in-game. Restart usually fixes, sometimes making some data room.


I’ve had one where it said that I had ~1M rubies (replaced both lumber and food icons) to transfer… if only. :joy:


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