Welcome Arelyna!

We are pleased to welcome Arelyna to the War Dragons forum! From her own words:


Yaaaaay! So happy to have you here!

For anyone that may have missed it, here’s that live stream with Arelyna!


Welcome to PG and welcome to the forums!

In what capacity will you be on the forums? For example, we know to tag CL if there’s a security issue, is there some area we should be tagging you in or is it more of a if you know the answer to an issue, you’ll pipe in?

Also, hunters are where it’s at!

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Arelyna is on the PX team, so general questions can be sent to her.

Welcome @Arelyna! Favorite hockey and football teams? Favorite dragon that you have in your roster?

Ahh here’s the post :joy::joy:

It’s customary for new staff to provide all players 100k tokens.


Hockey team: Sharks!!
Football: 49ers and Patriots
Favorite Dragon: Gargula (as of now)

Lol! The losingest and the winningest teams xD

Yes, I am so very aware of that one. The 49ers are killing me lately…but then again, my baseball team also killed me this year too. I’m holding out hope for the Sharks!

Giants (baseball)

What’s your baseball team?

Hmm…Flyers and Eagles for me. You got one year of the Chip Kelly experience while we got several lol.

Favorite dragon is Hauheset. Most interesting mechanics of any dragon that PG has designed imo.

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My baseball team is the Giants. I’m legit a diehard fan and not a bandwagoner. Games at Candlestick from my childhood still haunt me…

I’ll take your word on Hauheset having interesting mechanics.

What level and dragon tier are you at?

Level 70, and I’m 2 dragons into Gold tier.

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Very nice! Follow Red’s breeding guide and you’ll be golden!

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I’ve been using it! Pixxel made a point to show it to me early on

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I was wondering if it may be a good idea to have a list of PG staffers on the forums and what kind of topics to tag them on?

I don’t see why this would not be a good idea.

A late “Welcome to PG and the forums!” from me too @Arelyna :slight_smile:
hmm so there are Employees with and without PG in front of their name now :thinking:

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:call_me_hand:t4: Whalecum are