Welcome new Forums Moderators!


Greetings, everyone!

7 (!!) new and amazing Forums Moderators are joining our veteran (also equally amazing) mod as your new Forums Moderation team! Here’s a list of everyone on the team:

When you contact the moderators on the Forums (@moderators), all of the folks above will receive your message. Please welcome me in congratulating our new recruits! :tada:


I still missed 2? :scream:


:tada: Congrats!

@ModMat Better get busy keeping the ducklings in line :stuck_out_tongue:


Those two extras got added between when I left work and when I got home lol.


Congratulations :champagne: everyone


Congratulations :partying_face:


Congratulations ya’ll! :hugs::hugs::grin:



Don’t ban me and we’re all good :+1::joy:


Just remember who put you in your position of power. :shushing_face: @moderators


Don’t worry; we’ll roast you, if you aren’t grumpy enough.


Gratz guys/gals


Now we can classify mods based on rarity :smirk:




Unless I missed things…


Missing Mythic





Haven’t found one hogging 4 title…


Congratulations, all the best in your functions!


Why am I just rare :tired_face: it’s unfair! I should at least be Epic lv 1!

Will I get a better quality if I prove to be a good mod? Like an evolution? :thinking:


I think she’s doing it by how many groups we are in. (And I guess general atlas group doesn’t count). @PoseidonPQ is a bit of a superman since he’s in:

  • Creator’s Faction
  • GamePlay Faction
  • Forum Moderator’s Faction

I’m just in two of those groops groups :sweat_smile:

Edit: Gah, I can’t believe I didn’t notice I misspelt groups yesterday :woman_facepalming:


i honestly have no clue who you are @Kardul


Sounds fair. I’m fine with this explanation :+1:

@Jeff I’m active in the forums and I was even in the old one. But since I don’t often see you reply I suppose we’re not really active in the same sections…