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im heavy in atlas usually, perhaps why.


That will cost 12k rubies


Exactly. I’m not often reading Atlas because it’s a bit too strategy-heavy. I prefer general and announcements. But I’m trying to get interested in everything except recruitment :joy:


i read all announcements, just easy to miss each other in the 3000 comments.


I’d say Red was a mythic since PG promoted seven mods to replace one Red. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kardul and EzAsh the :ghost: mods?


I’m more interested in who’s the mod BEHIND the mods… :thinking:

One mod to mod them all? :eyes:


Oh, I will probably haunt you better than a ghost, and you won’t see me sneak behind your back :see_no_evil: (I’m kidding :grin:)

I certainly hope I won’t turn into a ghost too soon :blush:

@Grumpybigbird We’re all mod here…


Besides PX crew wouldn’t it have to be ModMat?


Atlas early birds haven’t been recognized by PG as formal faction I guess…


Or at least not one that outs its members to the forum public :sweat_smile:



Must be KatsuCurry30 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyone uses discobot as IGN?


Mythic —> OrcaFrost :hugs:




Congrats y’all!


Congratz everyone


Congrats, All! :star_struck:


Off-topic :
Rose-Red and the Seven mods? :joy:

Sorry @TheRedDelilah I couldn’t help but make the link. I remembered that Grimm’s fairy tale from my childhood with two sisters called Rose-Red and Snow-White (which has actually nothing to do with the Snow White most people know). I just linked both tale in one :joy:

… How can I get back on topic now? :flushed: Huh… I’ll do my best to keep this forum in shape? :sweat_smile:


Congratulations everyone!