Welcome new Forums Moderators!


Your mod choices promote me to be wild :grin:
I like them . :heart_eyes:


Orca should be mod too :grin::partying_face:


Not necessary, as I’m lazy :sweat_smile:
But I’m satisfied with current mod team.


Congratulations y’all!


The new Mods are too efficient at closing threads. I wanna troll the troll-worthy threads too. :sob:


Welcome and good luck to all the new mods! Wish you the best and I’m so so happy to see so many active faces on board to help out @ModMat. Doing this task as two people was hell for us, and it brings me no small amount of joy to see this group expanded!


:rofl: Poor Sam


I notice a LOT of housekeeping overnight. Thanks for that. I wish it didn’t mark the thread as new though.

Congrats and good job so far!


Sorry about that. I don’t think the housekeeping is quite done but should be soon

FYI if we close a thread that you guys feel merits resuming the topic, we can usually reopen if asked. A lot of threads with months of no response didn’t have autoclose set, and we should have most of that cleaned up shortly.


Isn’t there a toggle for that? Or is that a separate add-on? :see_no_evil:


Per thread and defaults for new posts yes, but I haven’t yet found a way to bulk set, and if it’s too far past the auto close time it ignores it. There could be a module for doing it bulk… it’s not that much work between all of us.


Oh, I was thinking about the mod action bumping it bit - “how the hell are there 70+ new posts?” “oh, locking” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a big deal, just being curious, haha.


Oh, yeah maybe a setting for that but I don’t think our (moderators) access would let us see or set that. It does seem silly that all actions count as unread messages, but it seems that everything (even actions) are treated similarly.

I’ll see if they have it covered in their documentation.


Yeah waking up to 44 unread threads was irksome this morning :laughing: when in reality it was closer to 20 :joy:


Poor Liz :joy:


I was like “What the heck? What happened while I was sleeping?!”


Ragnarök :roll_eyes:

At least for all those threads that should have been resting in Hel for months…


Congratulations( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑


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