Welcome to the Off-Topic Category!


An excellent place for excellent folks to talk about all things non-War Dragons!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the War Dragons Off-Topic Category of the Forums!

Here you can create topics and discuss conversations with fellow Dragon Lords that don’t have to be about the main game. Got some adorable kittens you’re just dying to share? Post 'em here! Saw a really talented illustrator making some cool artwork over on Instagram? We wanna see that, too! This is your opportunity to discuss anything non-War Dragons related with your fellow Dragon Lords.

As a reminder, even though this Category won’t discuss War Dragons content, we expect all users on the Forums to continue to abide by our player Code of Conduct, and this Category will be moderated as such.

We’re all here for Dragons, but we’re people that share many common interests. Sports, activities, advice, weather…you name it! This is an excellent place to get to know one another!

The Off-Topic Category is Now Live!

I think that I broke something, because there was a vote option in the thread :see_no_evil: . I don’t see it anymore now, though.


It was me! Haha, don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong. :wink:


I made a cake for daughters birthday


I’m thinking that the description may need to define off topic a bit with the random War Dragons threads that keep getting posted here. :pray:

Chat here about anything not related to War Dragons or video games!

guessing not video games from Jared’s post was to avoid luring people away :see_no_evil:


That’s a fair point! I updated the description a bit to hopefully clarify this note. :slight_smile:


Oh, the “Hi everyone!” was what I was thinking of, hehe. People have problems bothering to check pins sometimes.



An even FAIRER point! I’ve updated the description to help clarify.

Thank you for catching that! :smiley:


@PGCrisis could all of the War Dragon related posts get removed from the Off-Topic area and pushed back into the WD discussion threads? Particularly since you specifically state this category will not discuss War Dragons?

An off-topic area only works well if it doesn’t get spammed with on-topic posts… other than that it’s a great idea.


Maybe it just needs to be renamed to Non-War Dragons Discussion :joy:


I went in a cleaned a few of the threads out. We’ll try to be more diligent about moving threads and reminding people what this category is to be used for! :slight_smile: