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Hello there Dragon Lord!

Welcome to the War Dragons forums. As a reminder, you can use the search function at the top right hand side of your page to look for topics that may already answer your question. When searching, it is best to use simple phrases and keywords.

I know you have so many questions and ideas, but before you get to posting, let the community answer some Frequestly Asked Questions for you.


There are a variety of different events in the game. These events include Major Events (Conquer the World, Tug of War, King of the Hill, The Fight Pits, Team Gauntlet) and Minor Events (Breeding, Fortification, Feeding).

How do I know what event is next?

  • Keep an eye out on the social media pages as the Creator’s Faction find out on Mondays. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter.
  • I also post events on my Twitter.
  • The general rotation of events is Major, Minor, Major, Minor, Major, Minor.
  • All “future calendars” of events are speculation.
  • I will also post a new thread with the title “This week’s event is…”

How can I obtain Black Pearls, Fire Shards, Ice Shards, or Elemental Embers?

  • These items are in Gold Chests and event prizes only.


Seasons are a three month long set of events during which you can earn prizes and cool, one of a kind divine dragons. Let's answer all the questions that have to do with the seasons - including the dragons and the chests.

How do I get the mythic Dragon, like Moonfang this Fall season?

  • To get the final mythic dragon, you need to get the final stone of all the “main line dragons” first. For the Fall 2017 season, that is Spindra, Chimerak, and Gargula.
  • The “extra” lines, like Necryx and Grogg, do not count to obtaining the mythic dragon.

Why did the silver chests disappear?!

  • They aren’t gone! During the seasons, the “place” of silver chests can be replaced by Runic Chests (fancy, expensive runes and glyphs inside) or by Super Sigil Chests (all sigils, all the time). When that special weekend is over, your Silver Chests will be right where they were.


Have a question about the dragons in the game? Let's answer those the best we can.

How do I get the evolution stones for Ember?

  • Ember’s evolution stones are only available via in game purchase (with real money). If you already have a Green Legendary dragon, you are unable to purchase these special packs with the evolution stones in them.

How do I get evolution stones for Ochre?

  • These will be available in a new, upcoming feature called “Team Quests”

Can I get evolution stones from a previous season that I never received?

  • No, you cannot. However almost all of the community has learned from similar experiences. If you’d like to see my personal advice on how to plan for the seasons, please see my shared WD folder: goo.gl/a9yM5b

I have heard people talking about breeding guides - what are they?

  • Breeding guides are researched documents that help you breed dragons while spending your egg tokens efficiently. There are several out there in the community.
  • You can see Red’s Best Breeding Path here: goo.gl/uPyfrT (which has some links to my other breeding paths, as needed).

How do I pick runes and glyphs to put on dragons?

  • Runes and glyphs only work with the exact spell that is named in them. For instance, an invincibility rune does not work on the spell northern lights, it only works on invincibility.
  • Save precious legendary and mythic runes for dragons you will use for a long time! Season divines for which you have all or most of the stones, are a great idea for this.
  • On my team website, I have a page that will allow you to see all the dragons that have a particular spell. That webpage is located here.

Is there any other resource for me to figure out things such as leveling dragons up, using evolution stones, and such?


While you level throughout your time as a Dragon Lord, there is some general community advice that can ben given. Let's see those key facts! * Short bases are better than long bases. This means have less towers at a higher level, rather than building all your towers evenly and having a lot of towers. * Plan ahead! A great resource is the http://forums.wardragons.com/t/fortification-planner-updated/3966 by @mechengg * Be wary that your dragons can keep up with your leveling! For my personal advice, see my Dragon Check-In: goo.gl/E4iJLJ * There are various people in the community who would be willing to help your build a base and help you fix a base. Try asking around!


While I am sure you have a lot of great ideas and such, let's go over the ideas that have already been given on the forums so we can avoid duplicate threads. If you are interested in chiming in on one of these discussions, _use the search function_!
  • Bringing back old divines
  • Bringing back evolution stones for previous season divines
  • Creating new evolution stones for previous season divines
  • Creating a new evolution stone that can be used on any dragon


Since there are some questions about the forums and some confusion in some cases, let's answer those basic forum questions.

Who are the forum Moderators and what do they do?

  • The Forum Moderators are most players who volunteer to help out on the forums. They include @ModMat, @Psarus, and @TheRedDelilah (ME!) currently.

Uh Oh, I need help because something is broken/missing in my game. What should I do?

  • First, file a support ticket in game.
  • If something is wrong with your support ticket, only then make a thread here on the forums.

Who are the PG people and why won’t they talk to me?!

  • There are Pocket Gems employees who come on the forums to help as they can. They are busy people and may not respond to you right away.
  • Here is who they are and what they do: PG Forum Roles Explained


To cover any other topic, we have the "other" category. Woohoo!

I am interested in watching some War Dragons live streams. Can you make some suggestions?

How to I make a “support ticket” in game so PG can help me with a problem?

Note from Red: I made this thread to try and cut down on the duplicate threads while also providing information to players on the forums. By no means do I think I know everything, so please reply with some questions you feel should be on this thread. Let’s work together to cut down on duplicate threads!

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Ps. Social media accounts for Creator’s Faction you can follow in order to keep up with weekly events and other news:



I’m sure there are twitter accounts but I don’t know them, and there are a great many Youtubers and Twitch streamers.

  • IIIRogueIII
  • CoachJPop
  • iStefa (I think he’s YouTube)
  • ImanGHR


Awesome post. Too bad they won’t read it.


Maybe also add in the helpful tools/guides @mechengg and @forScience have created for the community. Unless I missed those.


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Rainbow stones idea

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For people who like doing bases :slight_smile: Here is my basebuilder www.wdbase.net

for computer


for mobile:



Thank You! Max Level changed to 60


Your tower level is capped at 50.


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