Well can’t send in a support ticket

Seems I can’t send support tickets in anymore. I get an error says it can’t be processed. So I restarted my game, no fix, I reinstalled the app, no fix.

Any answers here PG? Not that you would care, that’s just less you have to listen to me complain about everything you do… maybe it was intentional…

You can contact support from your browser using the following URL:


Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.

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Look no matter we’re you ask for help you still get a cut and paste answer bahahahah!!!

Look, if you add an insult to every thought, don’t be surprised. :man_shrugging:


Oh sorry forgot you’re allowed to treat us like we are nothing but we must bow down to you lol. ( sitting here waiting to be put in time out for back talking the teacher)

No, not really. Have you ever heard “you reap what you sow”?

I tried to help, and you bit me in return. If you keep up this “friendly” approach it won’t do any good, trust me on this.

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What are you talking about, he just tried to help you by providing a way to submit a ticket…


Wow dude, you asked for an answer. He gave you one.

Why are you so salty about it? You expect a forum mod to tell you why PG’s game code sucks? You expect them to troubleshoot your local install and tell you, yup, “this file right here is corrupt. Do X Y and Z and voila, it works”?


They try to help and all you do is give em crap.


Oh support is already worthless we all know this. Doesn’t matter if your nice or mean you get the same thing hahah. That rhymed! Look man if pg is having troubles with support and tickets just say so. If you don’t know then great I’ll keep searching out my answer.


He just gave you the answer. Did you try using his solution?? Or is it too far to reach from that high horse


Actually, not. I’m sending about 2 tickets every month for more than a year and except for the one in October (we all know they had thousands of tickets that time) I’m always getting very involved replies. Yes, sometimes proposed methods might not work in my cases, and we work further until eventually find the solution.
But here is one big fat fact - I’m always polite to them. Even if I’m quite frustrated. Most of people I saw on forums overly complaining about failing in moving anywhere with support are those who show little to zero respect to whoever. Leads me to thinking there is something about not being rude.


Actually, it matters a great deal. Sometimes support can’t help you, some times they can. If you are polite, even when they can’t help you, you will be able to continue recieving help from them in the future. If you are rude to the point of being verbally abusive, you might wind up being banned from contacting support forever.

Don’t be like this guy, who couldn’t figure out why he was banned from conatcting support:


I have to agree with the above. I am always courteous to customer service, not just here but everywhere. Even if I don’t feel good, I am frustrated, it doesn’t matter. There is another person on the other side of it and they don’t deserve to be treated like they are nothing more than…well I’ll leave it at that.

I know this from experience. I worked at a call center for 4 years doing customer service and technical support, and another 3 years doing customer service online via text. I lost all respect for any “customer” that took out their problems on me or thought it was my fault for it not working. Those customers got the shut down and the canned responses. On the other hand, stayed nice/civil to me and treated me like another person, I went out of my way if I could to help you.

Just wow, no wonder he got banned. Sadly, that is the kind of thing I heard on a daily basis at the call center.


The mod team isn’t support. They’re players who are trying to be helpful. You treating them like menial employees you can boss around shows more about you than anything else. Calm down, listen to your fellow players, and don’t throw tantrums on the forum. If you continue having issues submitting a ticket you can reach out to a member of staff directly.


:expressionless: Jared ur off ur vacation already? :speak_no_evil:

Also, mean and thing don’t rhyme. They almost do, but don’t. Just sayin’


Lol that post made me laugh so hard. He said all the things so many people want to say hahaha.

You make me laugh Jared. Welcome back from your vacation.

The problem is that our responses here - PG staff, mods, members of the community - were not meant to be entertaining, we all try to help each other one way or another.

You clearly need more time to comprehend the purpose of this forum, so I give you a couple of days in solitude. You can spend some time reading and getting to know us better.

I recommend starting with this:

Code Of Conduct.