Well done on the glyphs again!

I’m salivating at the thought of yet another legendary rejuvenate glyph when there hasn’t been a dragon made with rejuvenate since what gold tier? And healing striker for the team reward yummy!

Come on guys you have to do better than this. There is no other way to acquire glyphs, and all we get offered is the same trash week in and week out. Please. Get this figured out, or just make them a rare drop from silvers and be done with it. Maybe people would actually buy the runic chests then…


go to this thread if you have feedback, they specifically said that if you have any feedback, post it there.

I think he’s complaining about the glyphs in the personal and team rewards. Nothing relates to the runic chest contents

Rejuvenate stopped even earlier in green for a while… until Kyrule in emerald for lineage dragons. :rofl:

It’d definitely be nice to see more relevant glyphs, though it’s better than mystic strikers… a little :unamused:


Looking at the trends, PG always give runes/glyphs for useless dragons. rarely had a Rage or Cloak glyph in prize for a while now :frowning:
Just give us rage runes/glyphs. It helps both the lower levels and higher levels


Ok so for 8k for 10 you have a what 1 in 10,000 shot of getting something usable. Not really a solution to anyone besides someone who spend 10k a year on the game. Team and personal rewards is what I’m talking about. Runic chests should contain nothing but glyphs. I dunno. Definitely one of the most frustrating aspects of this game

Put Divines dragon related glyphs in event prizes. For example, +10% thunderbolt damages and increase health by 5%. It compliments the tempest dragons, so why not😀. Instead of making us grind to get rejuvenate or trebuchet striker🤦‍♂️.

Maybe some of us would actually spend money to get good runes from events.

Rage. Wisdom. Done


I’d like to have more glyphs of those :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I’ll take a few hundred of them…the season prizes are a little light on dust…cause ya know, not everyone has 165 million dust. I know I sure don’t…


Me either :joy::joy:

That’s pretty shitty for people that didn’t get Equestor, don’t you think? As much I don’t want Rejuvenate i’d rather we all suffer together (I laughed while I typed that but I’m serious lol) than know people who went for one dragon are getting a sweet glyph and I’m getting something unusable…rage and wisdom everyone can use.


That suggestion is definitely better than doing divine dragon specific runes, that’s for sure. I honestly don’t see myself going after any of the dragons this season. I’ll be getting one of the riders.

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It’s repeated topic but nice job! We do get tired of complaining, but it’s important to keep up the voice. More rage glyphs please !

Also please make season rewards to glyphs again. Why do you guys always Take away things that are good for players that was once given?

What I want to know is why exactly there are runes, which we all have literally hundreds of, in season branches instead of glyphs. Terrible.

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