Well... If it's mainstream and everybody is doing it

Relevant mostly because of the moral questions it raises and a rather large investment in PG made by Tencent.

To put a “ban wave” in both numeric perspective and show why they are a terrible way to do things:

“. In October last year BattlEye, the anti-cheating service that PUBG developer Bluehole uses, said it banned between 6,000 and 13,000 different accounts per day, including nearly 20,000 accounts banned within 24 hours on October 13…”

Edit: An anti-cheating service… Sounds like you maybe don’t have to do everything yourself? Specialization of labor has been around since at least the industrial revolution. So, maybe do what you’re good at and pay someone else who is good at another thing…

Novel idea.


Good idea but good luck with that.

Meh… No skin off my back.

I stopped spending a long time ago.

But maybe if there are enough good ideas more or less handed to PG, they can see beyond the next direct deposit from Apple or Google and show more concern about the longevity of their game.

Maybe. . .

But I’m not holding my breath.

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