Well... it’s time. 🦖


To be honest. I think we should follow his example. War dragons doesn’t even deserve to be called a game anymore.
It’s a chore with wings. And the time has come when those wings have finally broken.
I don’t doubt that more will follow. And soon I shall as well.


Same here


What a shame I’ll miss you my raptor friend and will never forgive PG for this! But hey on the bright side you might get a really good email offer to come back to the game in like a year!


May you get a nice “come back” offer …


You know me :turkey:, I skim read this post. But I saw this. We need to talk :expressionless:


I was level 30, give me a break :rofl: :t_rex:


Hahaha. Yeah I had a lot of crazy ideas at level 30.


Rawr rawr



Oy! I loved Kinnarus!! Watch it Iggy… :joy:


I literally can’t think of anything to reply to that which isn’t gonna get me banned. So we’ll have to take this to the dungeon.


So long forum resident, keep your feet warm :t_rex:


Me too. Like the ballista theory


Thank you for the lovely things u said about our team Rap :hugs: We are certainly going to miss your bright, happy personality within the team… u have done so well since u joined, will be sad to see u go, the team will surely miss u…, and I will definitely miss u… :cry: Plz keep in touch…


I really enjoyed read your messages and same if I don’t know you much more, I will miss you :t_rex:
Wish you the best !


I usually don’t comment in this kind of posts, but I feel you. I’ve gotten very close to quitting recently.

Lately war dragons feels like a grind, a big time consuming grind that offers little progress in return. 15 gold runs a day = 30-40 minutes alone. Add egg tokens runs, event runs, quest runs etc… Game play should be fun, not something you mindlessly do while watching TV.

On top of that PG fucks up with bug after bug, and their support team is next to useless in technical issues and very inconstant in game-play issues. (A while back I actually had to explain them what a virtual environment and a dual boot were…)

Anyways, best of luck ^^

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Wow. One day I miss forum, and two of the most interesting people I found on the short period I have been on here are leaving. Never had the chance to talked to you, except that one time on another post but your Posts and positive thoughts through the worst of things were always the best reads I found on most topics. I really loved seeing you practice Hau on my Base for the countless times and It is just so saddening to see you leave. All the best and I really hope that PG will come to its senses at some point, if these recent events are not reasons enough. I am seriously going to miss seeing the :t_rex: on forum :cry:


End of the year became mid November huh? I completely understand! Fly free little bird, you will be greatly missed, but we will always stay in touch. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Free at last.
Special thanks to @LizDrakemoor for murdering all my troops in Atlas—one less thing for me to think about.
And, in my efforts to spend all my egg tokens and mystic fragments before I left (I got every dragon below Sapphire, plus Gorgonus):

So that’s neat. A good end.
I intend for this to be my last post. I’ll slowly leave my remaining LINE groups over the course of a few weeks and, eventually, will stop checking here.
Into bluer skies I go. /salutes/

:t_rex: :t_rex: :t_rex: :t_rex: :t_rex:


Glad to help you out buddy :kissing_heart: Thanks for helping me get enough badges to get my atlas seasonal rider (since I didn’t have one already and Pathox needs a special rider :upside_down_face:)


You will be missed my friend. I’m not too far behind you with the current garbage PG has released. I don’t think this game will last past next season.