We're H3LV3TICA and ArtsyGuy from the Dragons Creative Marketing team - Ask Us Anything!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Welcome to round three of the Dragons team AMA! This AMA will be focused on the Creative Marketing team here at War Dragons and their work creating promotional assets, logos, concept art, and other beautiful designs that define the Dragons brand.

@H3LV3TICA and @ArtsyGuy will be the Creative Marketing folks joining us today. Feel free to tag them in your questions!

A few things to note for this AMA:

  • You are welcome to ask our team anything you may like. Please note that questions that are not specific to the Creative Marketing process may be outside of their wheelhouse, and may not have an exact answer.
  • This is an AMA, but we will continue moderating this thread based on the Forums’ Code of Conduct. No inappropriate questions, please.
  • Non War Dragons questions are also encouraged! Previous work experience, other questions about game development, or even “what’s your favourite colour?” are welcome.

We’re here until 4pm PT, and will be keeping the thread open until 5pm, so we’ve got two hours to answer your burning questions.

About @H3LV3TICA: Hey all! I’m H3LV3TICA, the Principal Creative Marketing Designer on War Dragons. I create all the community and in-game promos as well as the Dragon/Event/Season Logos. Occasionally, I’ll also create UI icons for the game. You can see all of the logos I’ve made recently on this handy sheet!

About @ArtsyGuy: Hey! I’m ArtsyGuy, otherwise known as Johannes Holm. I’m a Concept Artist and Illustrator as well as the currently acting Art Lead on the Creative Marketing team at Pocket Gems. I’m responsible for concepting and illustrating War Dragons Marketing Art including ads, icons, banners, storyboards, and various social media outreach. I’ll also be your host for the Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider stream happening in February.

Ask away!


Will we get to see more concept art?

There are times when the art and community are quite possibly the only things keeping people around.

Also, is H3LV3TICA just a really big fan of the font?


yes, I am graphic designer so I enjoy working with fonts


Concept art is actually something for which @PGKharnyx holds the keys.


Ah, right, concept art specifically for marketing :sweat_smile:

It’d be interesting to see those too :grin:


How did you two find yourselves working with PG?


Will more logos make their way into the game somehow? It seems like a shame that they’re limited to the forums/blog for lineage dragons.


I originally applied for a UI position. The head of marketing at PG saw my portfolio and asked me to interview for marketing and hired me.


I also create the logos for the events



@H3LV3TICA @ArtsyGuy

  1. Are you involved in creating WarDragons intro video and game icon?
  2. Among those Avatars, which one is your favorite?

For #1, including demo game as well?


This was the final approved concept for our Ash character that we made a CG ad with.


Can you do more avatars without backgrounds please :hugs:


Hey OrcaFrost,

Yes, I paint the game icons, and I mean all of them - because we keep updating them. The intro video was created by the Creative Marketing team. The art was painted by another artist who no longer is with us at Pocket Gems - Kincuestro


Portraits (or avatars) are handled by @PGKharnyx


Animated logos?


That’s a cool idea. We’ll look into it.


Great job on Icon and Intro video.
Does that include demo game as well? (Ads demo)


Thats just how I found myself - working at PG! No, but truthfully I found it to be exactly in line with my experience and the type of work I enjoy doing.


We ever gonna get a different loading screen background, or I think multiple for different scenarios as been mentioned before too.